Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


buttering you up to get on that sweet sweet pm mendoza will.


Yeah. I don’t really understand how the free tickets are a bonus though - I mean, we’ve bought a membership FFS.


Yeah got it. Haven’t really given it much thought though.


My young daughter got a 10 year membership card and free access to a 2018 Etihad home game. What is the point of that when she already has reserved seats??


You guys have just been kpid


103y/o woman signs up for the 1st time… I know voluntary euthanasia has just been legalized but surely there’s better ways to do it than that?!


Life is just beginning for her. She’ll be able to tell family, she watched Andy McGrath develop into a first class footballer before he became Prime Minister.


Don’t understand how anyone could live past about 60 supporting Essendon due to the health problems the stress will cause. Huge effort


Football life balance. You should try it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hopefully she gets her membership card before her 104th birthday


I wonder if she’ll get a letter about leaving a yearly donation when she dies.


I thought she just got said membership card? :joy:




It’s useful for me as I have a povo 3 game membership.


Not me. 26 years this year, SFA this year or any other year for that matter, other than what I paid for. TBH, I’m ok with that too. DGAF much about the irrelevant freebies they wanna throw around, crapppy scarf included :crazy_face:


I got a fridge magnet!


I’d prefer a ticket to an mcg game that way whoever i bring can stand with me. But still its better than nothing.


Only if she is a match-day member, otherwise she has Buckley′s chance. :wink:


65,548 on May 24 last year.
Reckon our official tally will come in just shy of 77k. Maybe a little more if Saturday’s performance becomes the norm rather than the exception.


That is awesome. Such huge support for a bunch of crap performances. Imagine we were good!