Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


I hate to whinge, especially after such a great win, but I’ve had to fork out the full price for a Dreamtime ticket even though I’m a member.

Signed 3 weeks before round 1, and never received my membership card. Spoke to member services on the phone a month in and was promised it would be sent. That didn’t work, but by then at least the club had sent out an electronic version. I thought I’d still like a physical copy, so emailed the club. Again was promised it would arrive within a week; again nothing!

But worst of all, they’ve since cancelled the barcode of the electronic version I have (without mentioning it, of course). So when I went to upgrade to a seat for Dreamtime after last night’s win, I instead had to pay full price to make sure I wouldn’t miss out. If @choppsuey or anyone has any tips let me know, because I’m at a loss.


Call membership and explain what has happened. That would be my advice.


Called this morning. Was told another card would be sent (this will be the 4th by my count), and that I needed to detail in writing my Dreamtime situation to determine if there was the possibility of reimbursement. I imagine I’ll have another 5+ day wait for a response.


Could tick over 75,000 by Dreamtime, if the club wants to make some noise about it.


Sorry, cant help but laugh. What a disgrace


Our on-field improvement is not matched by our off-field performance.


Does the Manager of the membership Dept have a beard?





Cha Ching!


do we have a reserved seat if we have a membership


Not unless you bought one.


If what you said is correct as stated, then there should be an immediate reimbursement and a written apology. Don’t settle for anything else, because if it’s like you say, it’s disgraceful.


Heh 69


Still NOT getting The Coaches vid emailed,. . God knows what others of import I haven’t been sent, as I haven’t had since this has been happening ??

IDK if ICBF calling for a fifth time, … How farken hard can it be? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Mate, stop looking to us about it! we DGAF if the club don’t view you as worth communicating with. HTFU princess.



Fark. If we could just string a little success together, this club could be a frickin’ juggernaut.


It is indicative of how the place is being run.


Lol … Very funny Reboot😆


Not sure how accurate this honour board is as I am missing :roll_eyes: