Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Yep, reckon they have cut off at least one of them at the bottom before it finished.


Wow @Alan_Noonan_10 . Very impressive milestone.


Massive disparity between 25 & 30 years members


I had to get someone from member services to reset my ticketmaster email preferences. I had all the subscriptions checked but wasn’t receiving a thing. After they reset it, then started getting emails like From The Coaches again.


Good to know I don’t exist.


So … I’ve been hallucinating all these years?


That hot chips fella.


These guys for real? Been a member since 1991


Yes, but not for that reason.


Time to buy a membership tight ■■■!


could it be only for those who reached the exact milestone this year? I know a couple of guys who would definitely qualify time wise but aren’t there.

So like 20 years and you’re in but 22 years means you’re not


According to the club I have never been a member. So what have I been doing the last 27 years?

Complaining only makes up the 10 years of my existence


Is it consecutive years?



Need someone to check to see if there are 75000 names there


I haven’t done the sums yet but it should be pretty easy to count each block to establish if this is a plausible explanation.


Righto, get cracking then, I expect a report by first thing Friday morning?!!!


Check the hunk email. That is where mine goes.


from the website:

*Milestone Pins – Every 5 years of membership, a member will receive their Milestone Pin and be listed on the Honour Board.




My membership card says 21 years…but I’m not on the list. LOL.