Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Did you opt out 2 months ago?


Don’t think so.


*Milestone Pins – Every 5 years of membership… and be listed on the Honour Board.

ya gunna have to wait until 25 years until you get your name up in digital


I’m turning into a cynic.


I’m guessing the 2019 membership cards will be arriving very early this year. So early in fact that members will forget where they put them and complain they arrived too early and they got lost and that the club should send them at a more optimal time.


Cards need to be sent between Feb 13th and Feb 15th, not hard.

Really hope it gets sorted out for 2019 though, this year was a disgrace


I’d go further and say with all the automatic rollovers & the final cut off payment date for any one else with reserved seats now being early Dec, you give the stragglers either side of xmas to get themselves together and cards should be sent out around Australia day.

Means the majority of people should have their card with minimal fuss/anxiety by the start of Feb ready for all games.

Do another bulk mail out closer to the actual season start date for late sign ups.

Reckon that is pretty fair on club & members.


So I didn’t want to go too early when I got a Team Selection Email for the 1st time this year, … but Yes, … I have, at last, received the post match Coaches Video.

Crisis over! Thanks very much everyone for all the support, … I’m not sure I would have made it through without it. :smirk:


Vote for the 2019 scarf. 2 for me.


Number 2 for me as well.


Number 2 for sure. Scarfs with blocks of text are tripe.

This is a good thing they’re doing, well done. But also how did such a ■■■■■ scarf get through this year.


one that doesn’t feel like it costs 2c.


All better than this year’s soft furnishing.


also voted number 2


I voted for 2.


I voted for #1 because the red stripe is on an angle like a sash


No brainer. #2


Nice initiative. But they are pretty similar/standard, be good if they threw in something really different.

I went with 2.