Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Heh. Pushing easy buttons with those options!


All these two votes. Guess I’ll be disappointed then. Like the 1


Gotta be number 2. I wouldnt mind #1 however i dont want member taking up the entire scarf.

Try #2 but on an angle. Winner.


Voted # 1

I liked the line about the 2018 scarf ‘missing the mark’

Missed it by a long long way. It missed the mark like Meatloaf at the GF missed the mark.


I voted option 1
Liked the fact we were given an option after the abomination that was 2018 effort

Can we also vote if we want 2019 Membership bumper stickers to be visible or not ?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


2008 was still the best one. Still intact. ESSENDON 2008. No member bs on it needed.




And again.


but how will we differentiate the rabble from the mouthbreathers?


To much info, you.


Graeme Billing’s 50 years.

Come on Graeme, just twist your sons arm a little bit would you.


Just full of guelfi and Donnington pics.


Just Guelfi


Donnington is fkg yoked, you’er missing out.


I like number 2, … but I liked it last year too, … it’s Identical, so, nup.

Like the angled sash effect, but number 1 is too wide for mine, … reminds me of the wide sash clash jumper abomination, … plus the MEMBER19,… is a bit loud.

Hence went 3, it’s something new. (that has never been in our scarf before IIRC,), with the subtle width angled sash stripe… “Don The Sash”!! on the rear, … with even the “The” in an angled sash.

Had to be the winner.


Offering a vote is still going to end with people unhappy.

Can’t win this game.


The EFC already have won it. They have given members a choice, and got some good fan engagement in the process.

That you can’t please everyone is a fact of life, not a determinant of whether you won or lost.


Three choices.

If 40% choose an option, 60% are left unsatisfied.

The next thing will be ‘why don’t you just let us pick which three we want with the membership pack’.

It’s good they are trying but the result is the same.


I don’t think it is. The “why is the scarf so ■■■■” argument was very negative. That now has largely been nullified. Club could do more (couldn’t we all), but the vast majority of punters will be happy enough with this process, even if they dislike the scarf.


There should be a clash scarf