Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


#2 my preference


Option 4 … Beanie instead this year? seems to be missing …:thinking:


I wanted one to look terrible so it could get voted in and then watch people lose their ■■■■.




only when standing next to parish


My avatar likes this.


Scarf # 3 won.

Essendon Football Club is pleased to announce its winning 2019 scarf design, as voted by our passionate members.

We heard you. You told us our 2018 member scarf missed the mark, so we had you decide our next installment. And yes, the tassels are back with our winning design – number three!

We’re committed to listening to your feedback and we’ll continue to announce more improvements over the coming months.

The results of the vote read as follows:
Design 1 - 27%
Design 2 - 32%
Design 3 - 41%



(My BOY!!)


Surprised. I have always felt that the slogan ‘Don The Sash’ was naff.


Voted #1 but #3 was my second choice so happy with the choice.


I didn’t vote for that scarf! Sack the …wait.


They misspelled “scarf” as “sash”…


So, 59% of voters don’t like that design, this scarf saga will never end.


This is a victory for the true believers



good call by me


Yep, how hard is it for the club to implement a preferential voting system for scarf design?


Exactly. We could have a Labor designed scarf for the lefty communists, a Liberal designed one for the Trump lovers, and a Green designed one for the renewable, climate change gay marriage equal opportunity cranks.

This way we all can be happy.


What would we have for the Sex Party?


Pretty sure it doesn’t matter to them whats on it, … so long as it shows restraint, … angel