Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Hint; it wouldn’t be a scarf.

…thankfully, however, I think they’ve renamed themselves the Rationalist Party… lol…


Fair enough. They are way more rational than most.


They are possibly about to learn that sex sells though.


Especially since they pretty much botched their transition to the new name, with a Chipp getting unremarkable results in the Northcote by-election.


1 was the best of a dodgy lot

2 looked like a pair of Where’s Wally leggings.


I wish we had the EFC logo on the sash side of the scarf.

The don the sash side looks shittee and I’d rather the football club logo than a sponsor logo on the side that will be visible.


Again I had to endure some fat opposition supporter sitting next to me in the High Mark area…I’m sick of it. Seems the money money you fork over the less the club wants to do for you.

Would have been better off staying where I first started sitting in the back row of level 1 with all the opposition scum standing behind me.

Its just bullsh1t


I didn’t bother to vote in the scarf poll.
I just want them to send my membership card to me in plenty of time, not on the day of the first match


Mate, I pay the big bucks too, and I have an Essendon fan in front of me at the G who its far worse than any opposition fan. Everything we do is ■■■■■, all the players are just varying degrees of useless, some he hates with an almost serial killer passion, and he just doesn’t farking shut up. I’d much rather your fat opposition supporter. He’s not as embarrassing as when it’s one of your own.


Was it an EFC member loaning their card to a friend?


So you got yours early then?


I used to sit near a bloke who would blame Goddard for everything, even when he wasn’t involved or a different player caused the turnover. Just the worst


nope he bought the seat a couple of days before the match…thankfully he moved at half time which was when I was able to sit upright again

Its just that opposition thing happens all the time at Dockland

And we only moved there because the viewing in row 6 on level one is crap and the supporters down there are all left wing do gooders and have no sense of occasion or humour

The “G” is the exact opposite…some really good people and they seem to put up with my opinions that I offer up the umpires


I thought they scrapped the seat re-sale thing for that exact reason?


Club has been doing their best to resolve this for years, but it’s really out of their control. Whatever seats aren’t sold as memberships are released back to the AFL/stadium to be sold to whoever. only way to really stop it would be to completely sell out the reserved seat memberships I suspect.


Sorry won’t do it again.


On the other side of the coin, last week was completely sold out but there were rows of empty seats in the middle and lower tiers. I would prefer to let more of the masses into empty seats, though I can see both sides.


76,180. Finally catching up to what the banner said on the weekend: “Thanks to our 76k members”

The total exceeds that for any club in 2017.


no card caused big problem - so now we have mobile scanning


Whens the latest you can buy a membership? Am currently os and been to lazy to get it done but will get it done in the next week.