Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


I think until season ends. if you care about being a recognised member # (in tallies) i think you’v;e missed out.


I noticed the club are offering free 3 game flexi memberships to lapsed members for the last 3 home games. Sounds like they may either getting to the planned 76K or maybe even 80K if they are counting free memberships.


Hey Cookie! If you want to be counted in this year’s officially tally you have until the end of July.


OK Catherine, will get in done this week.



My daughter got offered a 3 game flexi even though she has a 3 game flexi? But at least her original membership arrived on time.


I have had a gut full…yesterday we were surrounded by by dockers supporters. I havent paid 780 bucks a year to sit with these POS supporters…they are amongst the worst.

If the member services contintue to treat 20 plus year supports like this…they can gagf

its just complete BS…and I dont give a Fark if its because they sell the seats via outsourcing.

Put us with the rest of the high mark members or lose us

fark me I’m angry


Hey Red_Territory,

I would suggest calling the club and asking to be moved if it is troubling you. My seats are on level 1 at Etihad and I am surrounded by Essendon members except for the few that lend their memberships to other people at times.

It may just be that your seats are legacy seats (as you have been in them for 20 years, as mine are) and the seats around you have changed to be away seats.


Well, its my birthday this Friday so I’m going to the game with my Dad and his partner. So I have the joy having to shell out $65 per seat to get good level 1 seats (he can’t handle heights anymore), which means I’m paying for my empty Level 2 reserve seat on top of that. Very annoying. I really wish there was some system to handle reserve seat members wanting to go with friends to the football.


You poor thing. I also have reserved level two seats that I won’t be using. So I am giving them to a fellow supporter (which we do quite often) so he and his son can go to the game. Maybe you could do the same, so someone can get to a game they might not otherwise have seen.


Crikey what a carry on. What’s the big deal sitting in amongst opposition supporters? Adds a bit of colour to the game I reckon.


I’ll offer it around the office, but in the past I’ve found few people want to take a single seat. And I’m a bit uncomfortable handing it out to strangers as I’d have to catch up with them before/after the game, and I don’t know them.

I’d be reasonably happy if the club had some system for it to be given out for free to someone else more needy, as long as I don’t need to hand over my membership card.


We used to have this

What ever happened to it?

Works well for NBA.


You don’t have to meet them. We do it all by email, and generally they are fellow Blitz members who don’t have seats or can’t get to games very often.


How do you do it via email? Is it just the barcode?


Surrounded by Dockers supporters? The club needs a good old fashioned lashing for giving you reserved seats in the away team cheer squad because that’s the only place where they were grouped together.


You go into the club membership portal and log in and it’s under the “manage your seats” option. Otherwise ring the club and they’ll email them to you.


Out of curiosity - would photographing the barcode, sending via email, printing, scanning in work?


I would think so. But you’d only do that with people that you trust. If you do the print ticket option through the club it doesn’t matter.


isn’t what gets sent to you a once off code for the seat? rather than your season barcode.


It would but you dont want to give people your barcode.

We simply email whomever we are giving the seats to, with our name and membership numbers, stating we wish them to have our seats for game x, they print the email and take to the club hub at the ground where they get the tickets.