Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Hi Cathrrine

No we havent been in these ones for 20 years. We moved away from level one because its was difficult to see the play. So we upgraded to High mark to get level 2. We expected to be amongst out own but no. We always have opposition surrounding us. When its a Victorian team is usually okay but when its an interstate game, the quality of supporter really drops off. I think its because they are used to having the whole crowd against their opposition.

What I meant about the 20 years is that we started off at bronze, then about 10 years ago moved up to silver and this year we moved up to Highmark.

Dont know about you guys, but I prefer to sit with friends (Bomber supporters). Thats why I became a memeber.

I’ll call them today…but from my experience its like calling Telstra…you get no satisfaction whatsoever


When they carry on yelling and screaming, kicking your seat and spill beer…its not fun.

Dont get me wrong…I dont mind a couple around me, but on the weekend there were us 3 bombers supporters and about 15 Dockers supporters…we were surronded


What aisle are your seats?


aisle 30…way up the back of level 2


I’m on aisle 30 also. You must be unlucky. We had the odd Freo supporter amongst the crowd but it’s certainly a Bombers heavy area.


we are in 35, right on the wing, and get the occasional opposition grubs get in, but usually it is all Bombers and even when there is a large crowd there seem to be vacant seats near us.

On Saturday many vacants seats, if there are all sold to High Mark Members then most rarely turn up.


We are in 34. No opposition fans with us.


Yep thought it was you making all the noise.


Ran into this issue this morning

We’ve got our Level 1 Silver reserved seats and want to bring a cousin from overseas to the footy this Friday night

Ring up the club this morning wondering if we could move them as a once off or do whatever could be done … nup… need to buy whole set of new tickets for us (full price of course as our membership already used on current seats) & cousin if want to sit together and normal reserved seats will sit empty and $$$$ wasted


Could be worse, you could end up with a few drunk Essendon dads behind you, hey @Ants!


What I’m taking from all this is that @Klawdy is rich.


cue @Paul_Peos to chime in about his supermodel wife and enormous dong#


If debt is a sign of wealth then yes, I’m very wealthy. :smile:

@Bomb_Doe That was gold!


we may have to sneak around there on Friday night then



You’re problems may soon be solved RT, …


For some values of “solved”.


Club can gagf only matters for dresmtime and Anzac day



For once I agree with Gill.