Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Whoa! Big jump!
Nothing like a run of wins to boost the tally as the cut-off approaches.


Peos’ wife has an enormous dong?


That’s what I heard. Met “her” in Thailand, I believe.


It’s not for us to judge.


We’ll have 80k this year, nothing surer


Would’ve reached 100k if they played franga.


Probably counting free three game memberships to previous members.

I paid for 2 people to encourage them to attend games, but it didn’t stick and they didn’t want to go, so I stopped them. Last week I received free barcodes for the last 3 home matches for those 2 past members.


I have a similar issue in aisle 44. The Freo game wasn’t too bad but it seems a group of supporters that were sitting in the row behind me moved on, I ran into one of them in the Laureate Room before the Freo game, they moved to seats closer to that room for access to bars, toilets & be able to see the interview with a player prior to the game but in our home matches so far, the opposition supporters have filled those 6 seats for the crows, port, Melbourne & North Melbourne home games. I’m ok with a bit of banter etc but these people seem to be the most obnoxious that the opposition can throw at us and get quite feral when there’s a bit of pro Essendon barracking coming from behind (not surprising given its an Essendon reserved seating area and the coterie functions sit in those seats towards the back). It’s a little frustrating so I feel your pain. I honestly don’t know how the club can control who buys those tickets, they probably can’t but perhaps the club can group all those high mark members into specific bays to try preventing it happening? Maybe they’ve tried that & got backlash from those who’ve occupied those seats since the stadium opened in 2000? Maybe that’s what @Catherine_Lio is alluding to?


They post this nearly every home game at Etihad yet it never proper fills up.

Prob be about 40k on Friday.


BuY a ReSeRvEd SeAt To SeE tHe GaMe.


I’m so sick of these massive membership tallies. Counting the three game members, the kids who get the birthday card, the dogs. It’s bullsh!t.

Clubs should be required to report their ‘11 Game Equivalent’ membership tallies.

Someone buys your standard 11 game ticket - that’s 1.

Someone buys a 22 game ticket (if such a thing exists)- that’s 2.

Someone buys a 3 game ticket - that’s 1/3rd (approx).

Buy a magazine and a birthday card membership? That counts too, just take what it costs and compare it to the cost of an 11 game membership and allocate a percentage accordingly.

And so on and so forth


Can’t agree. A member is a member full stop.
And our dogs, although members, aren’t counted.


That’s true, but it makes the tallies meaningless.

Hey look, we signed up members for 50c a ticket, and now we have 700,000 members! Look how great we are!

Also, where’s our AFL handout cause we are also farking broke


Aren’t the tallies always meaningless?

Do we really care if we have more members than north?

Geez i want to win a flag so we don’t have to give a ■■■■ about this small ■■■■ measuring things.

EDIT:Comment not really directed at you SMJ.


Why does every post on here have to turn into a debate about the size of my ■■■■

I mean I know it’s small but can’t you all just let it go already


At least your not Peos. That escalated quickly in the other thread.


I have t read the thread, but we all know Peos is a lady killer. He told us so

And it must be true, because it’s not like people exaggerate things on the internet



Who cares what the tally is? It’s just a number. Why get so hung up about it?

Surely what matters is how much profit we make from membership and related activities.

But I suggest you ignore my thoughts because I’m one of those 3 game flexi-members.


How else will we sit on our high horse and label clubs pissants?