Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


I care about the tally…if we’re winning. Otherwise it’s a load of horse crap.


I’ll let it go, if you promise not to hold it against me.


I’m not ignoring you, I’m 1/3 listening.

But youre right - profit should be the measure


Only club to be banned for da drugz, match that ya pissants!


That’s a bit ruff ruff for the dogs.


I’m sure any hurt feelings will heel over time


No doubt the AFL would roll over and play dead on the issue.
I’ll fetch my coat…


down boy
:dog: :dog2:


I thought this may be relevant to some peoples interests. An interesting exchange on twitter.


@Catherine_Lio Why did the club get rid of the reserved seat resale option?


I believe it was mostly due to member complaints about opposition supporters sitting in the seats.


And yet that still seems to be a thing with some Res Seat Mems??


Nah. I am a $750 member, and I don’t view my membership as superior to yours.
We both signed up to support our club, just got different packages.
Which people do for many and varied reasons.


Too much talk of superior members and packages for my liking.


Yes, but you only dislike it because yours is the little one.


@Mr_Sunbury_1 thanks…I’m glad someone understands our pain.

We will ask membership to move us again to maybe closer to the wing…it seems most Highmark are around there.

But yep…dont mind a bit of heckling but not when your out numbered in your premium member seats


But was he acquitted?


Does anyone know with the high mark events before the game, can you bring guests along? Going to the footy with my Dad and wondered if we could both watch Skipworth (who our marketing department is calling our forwards coach. @Catherine_Lio, shouldn’t that be caught?).


you can usually grab a guest pass to the Laurette room from the memberhub. i think it’s outside gate 5.

edit: rip skipworth in victory room, no idea :frowning:


And on game day blitz rejoiced.