Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


3 of the worst swans supporters behind us again. Tanked as fk as well. Won’t stop screaming carn the bloods


How’d @Red_Territory go Fri night withth Swans supporters?


He’s left. Not a member any more.


I love sitting near lippy opposition supporters, often makes the occasion.

As long as its in good fun and no violence.

Carlton games every year are my favourite. You know your going to give and receive it. You’ll either walk away happy as a pig in ■■■■ or devastated.


there was a swans fan losing his ■■■■ near me in that last quarter.

his girlfriend probably had a stitch laughing at him.


What did I, err, this Swans fan look like?


is August 1 the cutoff? apparently were just 1000 off hitting 80000 members


Nobody does that, surely?


I had swannies front and back. The chap behind me was constantly stating that Aliir Aliir was the best player in league. He got quiet when the avalanche of inside fifty’s started.


To correct the well meaning but misguided fellow behind you, I’m the best player that ever lived until the inside 50’s start.


sorry diggeroni, twas not a boomer.


Club site says 78,562- would be great to top 80 by end of tomorrow, players are doing their part.


We moved during the first quarter down a few rows…we werent surrounded this time just the full row behind us and the row behind that.

Where we moved to was great…all bombers and it was pumping


Glad to hear that it was better. You’ll be straight onto the membership dept. at seasons end I gather?


yep…from what I can gather the last few rows behind us arent from members they are for anyone who wants to buy them. We will try and get closer to the front if its possible

grouse win though and the sound of our fans was just awesome

go bombers


Member cards for all non-access members are set to return in 2019 as the club continues its commitment to listen to its passionate members.

Ingenious move by the club. Take away something members value and then dress it up as “we care and we listen to our members” when it returns.


It seems like a pretty good example of “we care and we listen” to me.




I’m just trolling.


Amazing. I can understand a big jump from 2016 to 2017 as fans came back to the fold. But the jump from last year to this year is just as big. Simplest explanation to me is that the fans can see with their own eyes we have a seriously good team in the making here. And its time to get on board.