Membership 2019




Maybe you get Brayden Ham’s dog?



Knowing my luck they’ll send me one of Katie’s cats.


This year you get a food scoop, a name tag thingy, and a ball of some sort.
My dogs are waiting on theirs.


I think credit where it’s due in this instance. The club/membership department has done a great job this year. Member packs will be received by Christmas, cards long before round one (unlike past years), extended hours for those of us who cannot call during business hours due to work are all changes made to the service this year from past years and they’re changes for the better. I couldn’t give two hoots about what’s in the pack, but they’ve even sought a members vote to make sure they got the scarf design right! IMO, there’s not much else the club or member services could’ve done for us for 2019.


Agreed… we’re way ahead of the game with membership this year.


I think some people would prefer to spend less on membership or stopped being milked for money.

Myself, I’m happy to chip in my membership money to the club even though I’m overseas. Every little bit helps!


Ye olde saying, “you cannot please everyone” seems to fit well here.


but the question that has to be asked… Has @choppsuey got his yet?


Assume that’s a rhetorical question?

In fairness I’ve yet to pay the invoice this year.


Personally I find the “We’ve heard all the excuses” video ironically funny. Especially if you’ve been a member for over 14 years.


The last three years we’ve had,
‘Fine. I guess go barrack for Collingwood then.’
Then, and I’m sorry to bring this up again but, you know, this is something that actually happened, the captain throwing dogshit at a supporter.
And now this.

I have to tell you, it’s not wooing me.
I don’t know where the idea of Essendon being entitled to my money comes from.
And it makes the club look like a sulky little ■■■■■.
If that’s the look you’re going for, then mission accomplished.


Have the card. Just need the package.


in light of the all negative reviews of the membership packs, i’d be happy to have an opt-out option for the pack, with say $10 going to a charity that the club is aligned with.


I have now received all my families membership packs by the end of November. That is a huge turnaround from the last couple of years. Well done to the club.


Ha that sweet sweet coin aint going to no charity bruh


Straighttt into the coffers
You know it


I reckon its the best scarf I’ve had so far.


So you’re using their “no excuses” campaign as your excuse?


all the people complaining about the campaign are already and will continue to be members. you stayed on during the saga, you’ll stay on during this ■■■■.