Membership 2019


Get a dog up ya Reboot!! Ripper


Running about 2K ahead of last year.


Is MAXY a member?


He will be by the end of today.
We’ve only had him since Sunday.


Just signed up again! Only the digital pack (even though I already get it free via Telstra work phone) but I can at least watch it on the tablet. Won’t have a chance to get to a game this year, apart from our first JLT game, unless we make the Grand Final…


Does anyone know if there’s a way to buy a ticket for a Docklands game (for an interstate visitor) to join us in the reserved seating area? It’s Rd 2 vs St K


cool see you at the grand final!


If you book on a computer (not mobile) you can usually select a reserved seat on a map of all the seats in the stadium. If you go to the bay where your reserved member seats are you can then select a seat that is available.

That seat may not be next to your reserved one, but it means you will all be able to get into that bay. Once you’re in you will find enough seats together because some members won’t show up, as long as there is not more than 4-5 of you.

It’s not perfect system but I do it sometimes and it works fine.




Deckham meet Max. 6 years old and the latest member of our family.


Awww, He’s beautiful :slight_smile:


And he is now a member just like his brothers.


I’m all gooey over Maxy.

Look at his eyes, he is so glad to have found his new family. Yes I know I am being anthropomorphic but its o.k. I speak dog.


Another year, another frustrating story getting the new membership card.

Got the package late last year so tick for that but noticed there was no membership card so assumed it’d roll in through the mail at some point.

Fast forward to this week after successfully 90% switching off from footy over the summer and realise i need the card for the Carlton game next week. Card nowhere to be seen.

Rang the club up and they mentioned it should have come in a separate letter which I never saw and they’re sending out a new card with a 2 week timetable for it to arrive.

Not the end of the world but club should really look at fixing this issue up once and for all as I suspect I am not the only one that went through this frustration yet again this year.


Still don’t have the cards either so will need to call up tomorrow. Disappointing yet again


From memory you’re in SA but if you’re planning on hitting up any of the pre season games in Melbourne they’ll be able to give you your barcode over the phone in the interim to obtain tickets.


i got my card last year, put a hold on the membership because i was gonna change what i had, ended up signing up a couple weeks ago, got a new membership pack. interesting business model.


They should offer the option of the membership / barcode via their smartphone app. And also email the card to print out. Saves a lot of this mucking around for people happy with this option and avoids the expense of printing and posting.


I agree, a digital membership card would be far easier and much more cost effective for the club.


A digital membership would be good or they could actually issue a one time card that is recharged each year when you pay your membership.