Membership 2019


What’s all this IF bullshit


Sincere apologies, I meant to say, ‘when.’


Same in our house, youngest got his, but the rest of us didn’t…


I’ve told this story a few times, but here goes again. I upgraded my membership to guarantee a GF ticket in 2002. Settle in @savio_the_don. It could be a long ride.


Forgive this dumb question, maybe I’m too old to understand, but what is an eDM? I haven’t received anything from the club in a couple weeks, digitally or snail mail.


Electronic Direct Mail??


Dj thread. Electronic dance music.


Is that when I login to my membership account?


I think (by the sounds of it), he’s just referring to an email from the club.

Electronic Direct Mail refers to an email that directly targets a group for a marketing campaign.


Ah ok. I rarely receive emails from the club in any case. Cheers BSD.


Received the rest of the family’s cards in today’s mail. :grin:

What if I had wanted to move seats? The cards are already printed. (Haven’t checked yet to see if seat info is still printed on the back.)


Same with me.


I’ve been told I’ve been a member for ten years . Bollocks, I was in and off for about 6 it 7 before that.
Where’s my parade.


Sydney March 2nd.


That’s funny, mine says 34 years. Could have sworn it was only yesterday…


I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and say that’s the lesbian bisexual gay and transsexual parade which I must admit 10 pc of me is mildly curious about.

They’re not hijacking my parade.
Now where is it.


That’s the one! And only 10%? Even I’m more than 10% intrigued by it.


Only if hirdy had a float.
I’d turn for luscious hair.


Whatever floats your boat


I got an EDM asking me to update my info so I don’t miss out on EDM’s