Membership 2019


That’s nice of you, but since I get to meet myself everyday I’d prefer the guaranteed grand final ticket.




I can be a silly sausage, sometimes.


Well, that was an unforeseen snag in your argument.


Especially when you really didn’t want to be a sausage, but a frank n furter


Gee there’s some real sizzle in that last post


Where’s my fkn membership fkn




Bomb Doe is Shane Mumford, I must say this is a surprise.


I thought you filled your own stoma bags.


Respect :facepunch:



Bring it on!!!


Good timing, I just renewed my membership 5 minutes ago.

(without even having seen that clip::slightly_smiling_face:)


I’ve just looked at the new memberships for 2019 (thinking about upgrading to High Mark) and you no longer have the option of getting away reserved seats.

You can only get home reserved seats with away access now.

Guess I’ll keep my bronze membership as I like my away seats at Marvel (not so much the G though).


If I keep my AFL membership and add on high mark or Silver away through EFC… and purchase another AFL membership (for my partner who supports Carlton), would I be able to get a seat together at Etihad on level 2?


I’m out.


Seeing as I can’t upgrade to High Mark or Silver (don’t want to lose my away reserve seats) - I’ve just paid the grand final guarantee. Worth it!


On your bike, sunshine.


I don’t mind pun.
Pun is okay by me.
It’s friggin’ puns.

Pun is a pie in the face.

Puns is…let’s do fifty pies in the face, 'cos that’d be so much funnier.
But let’s do the last 49 without any context other than the last pie in the face.