Membership 2019


Only if they start repeating after about 10 puns.


Three pies in the face is plenty.
Probably two too many.
Don’t be talking about no ten.




$25 membership available. 2x tixs to a game and a member pack.


30,160 on 1 November last year.


Renewed yesterday, let’s see how long the membership card and pack takes to arrive.


email I got the other day


ESSflix - nice one. Membership dept and social media teams are having to be more creative these days.


He’s just not that into you!


“he’s just not that into you”



Where have we heard this before BD? :crazy_face:


200% LOL.



I know I know, but Geelong’s vid is pretty adorable.



Does anyone know if there are any other options for mcc members? I was told that a bronze at $270 in the only option.


I got told to do it through the MCC and nominate Essendon. Gives you full entitlement.


Thanks for that. I’ll give that a go.


Surprised the old Guernsey was used.

No amart.


Even though my membership automatically renewed on the 29th October, I actually received my membership card two weeks ago. Impressive effort by the Club, after the membership debacles earlier this year.

36,482 as at 1 Nov 2018 (vs 30,160 on the 1 Nov 2017).


LOL This was a classic…loved Essendon’s dig at the Blues haha


I’ve got an Marvel Stadium only High-Mark membership to complement my MCC membership.