Membership 2019


I’ve just signed up 4 neices and nephews to this. Unbelievable value and my sisters are going to hate me!!


I was an AFL Full Member until around 5 years ago and I used to buy a 7 game seat at Marvel off the club in the high mark area (level 2) for around $400 a year. I used the AFL Membership for matches at the G & away games at Marvel (and only pay the booking fee or small upgrade fee). Since I’ve become a club high mark only the past however many years, I have no idea whether the club still offers that option. Judging by some of the responses here, they still do, but as they did for those years I was purchasing the Marvel option, the club didn’t advertise it on the website or membership promotions. I’m sure if you spoke to or emailed the club and asked for the option, that they’d confirm it’s availability.


can anyone clarify of the away access on the bronze m’ship is reserved or GA and if its interstate or just vic?


Only Vic like all our membership levels isn’t it?


No idea. I’ve been a home Flexi the last few years.


Yep. Club used to do 7 game Etihad reserved seating for like $100 or so, but often you had opposition supporters behind us. They then ditched it, and then brought it back but was a fair bit more expensive and wasn’t worth it.

Not sure if they have another one now


And that would have qualified to be counted as an additional member or was it counted as an additional member?


No idea how it was tallied. Technically it was two memberships as my AFL Membership was Essendon club support so around $130 of that went to Essendon & counted me as a member (voting rights etc). I suppose my purchasing the seat also counts although I never got it clarified.

I was an EFC social club member back in the day at Windy Hill with my old man. When we moved to the MCG in 1992 I think the category changed to gold (?) but later became high mark.

I took up AFL Membership in 1996, mainly because I was going to a lot of other games with mates and my now wife and her family. We went to a lot of games at Waverley and AFL Members had great benefits there. I retained my original membership number at EFC in addition to my AFL Membership number which is why I think it would’ve counted as two memberships.


Just signed the missus up. She doesn’t have a choice


Signed the family up for the 2019 silver membership, pretty exciting stuff.


One thing I didn’t realize until I signed up is that with family memberships you also get a family pass to LEGOland and also the Melbourne Aquarium, plus some kind of Renegades m’ship too. Not sure how that will pan out as I haven’t checked the fine print yet and I’ve been burnt on good deals before but on face vale they sound like good incentives.


Living 20000k away is even worse


When you could only be further away by going into space, I feel like that’s kind of on you.


She’s going to scream the Safe word when she receives it in the mail.


That 1 game membership is stupid cheap.

Why buy an interstate membership for 2 games you won’t use and the opportunity to buy a ticket to a game in your state for $130 when you can buy a single game membership to 3 Victorian home and away games except Anzac day. Even if you were going to go to 3 games you could buy 3 memberships for $75

I reckon I won’t be in a fight to secure Lions/Suns tickets (and the young bloke usually gets a couple of 3 game memberships to the Lions when he signs up for Auskick.


Had this membership the last few years and it is GA and Vic only im 99% sure.


So are all the others.

Interstate now only gives you the opportunity to buy a ticket. Which I am sure would be handy in SA or WA but here in Sunny Qld, getting a ticket isn’t usually an issue :slight_smile:


I have a membership with six home games which I will never use because I live in NSW Anyone want to use them for me?


Not sure where to put this?

With the just announced family day being at the show grounds this year on the 8th December, is this different to usual.

I seem to remember a Xmas/open training session around this time of year and the family day being closer to the preseason games.


Family day was usually around the Labour day weekend.