Even easier. Just have credits with the bomber shop which could sell membership packs. You want a lanyard, purchase it from your credit.

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Prove me wrong.

Given you said “I think” for the claim, your posting history is exhibit “A”!


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Given your posting history… Nobody cares.

Well when you put it like that it seems easy.

As someone who lives in the West, I love Marvel for ease of access and parking and getting home. G adds some many other elements to it in regards to getting there and back, probably like another two hours of time. Happy with the mix, but only issue for me is there is no real home ground advantage at Marvel in my opinion. It always feels like a 50/50 game no matter who we are playing there.

I think that’s the norm for this season. I had that exact same feeling. Was worried that the membership didn’t get processed. My member pack came in the mail about a month later (a lot quicker than previous years).

If this club makes any decision about a home ground based on which one is easier to drive a car to, we’re so far ■■■■■■■ stuck in the 80s and 90s that we may as well set our membership target at 30,000 and get James Sherry as ground announcer.

I think 7-4 in favour of the MCG is the way to go. Shooting for 10 or 11 MCG home games is not realistic and even I will admit that some of our games could reasonably be played at Docklands.

Below are our 2023 Melbourne home games. I haven’t included the crap ‘home game’ against Melbourne in Adelaide. In bold are the seven I think could be at the G. This is also an unusual year where we play many home games against interstate sides.

Gold Coast
West Coast


Marvel fkn sucks


The MCG with a small crowd on a freezing cold winter’s night sucks as well.

Whereas Marvel with a small crowd on a cold night with the roof shut is far supperior.


Neither venue is perfect. The MCG simply has more ticks and less crosses than Marvel.

When did everyone get so soft? People have been going to league football in cold Victorian winters for more than a century. Wear a jacket.


this appeals to me, with 12 rums and the smell of cigarette outside the gate

Ive had sixteen pints of rum and then I go bom bom!


Got to love a club that relies on the existence of membership support failing to email out the Watch AFL access codes to international members, along with failing to provide the merchandise that comes with that membership (which is an add on btw with my MCC membership).
Then when you complain they take 2 weeks to reply and when they do it’s with a snarky response saying they sent it on “x” date (they didn’t), then in their reply provide you with the access code “again” AND IT DOESN’T ■■■■■■■ WORK.

I’ll never give up my membership but ■■■■ me look up “amateur” on any “adult hub” internet site and the search results will be dominated by the Essendon ways of working.

I don’t know if this is the same situation, but last year I had the same membership and the link code didn’t work. The link they sent was for the season previous (so 2021 for me) and wad therefore denied.

I went to the website outside of the link and once I put in the code it worked fine.

I suspect that EFC is not the only club falling down keeping its membership up-to-date and informed. It’s bloody annoying, though.

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All im saying is at least show you care. Dont hype a milestone membership and then serve up same crap. All it takes is a little effort. Not asking them to land on the moon, just ask us what would like. Heres an idea, a pin and a voucher to bomber shop. No risk of being overstocked. Simples.

Just got home from shops to find membership pack at front door, here is 1 very excited member, had to try on all the gear :joy: