People will be elated if we’re winning. We’re irate because we’re not.

Most of probably will be too old to celebrate or enjoy. :joy:

If a restaurant served me food like the way Essendon played the last two rounds of the season - I wouldn’t be going back - let alone copping a price increase.

But because we have to be LOYAL to our team I guess you just have to cop it.

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Not a chance in hell it can hold that presently.

4K was pretty cramped. The outfield, where the spare space primarily was, is two isolated and relatively short arcs.


Agreed, 4k is squishy.

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I was at the game in 1966 vs Pies when there was the record attendance was of 43,487. I reckon it was even bigger as hundreds climbed the fence over the bowls club side.

I worked at the pie stand in front of the scoreboard and all the pies were gone before the game. Most feral sporting event in my life. It was amazing, Bombers won by 12 points and the rivers of pee ran free !!

Weather was perfect that day, later in the year when we played the Pies at Vic Park there were nearly 40,000.

In the finals we beat Geelong and then lost to Saints, and the G had about 94,000 for both games . Try getting that many to a game vs Saints today, or maybe even Geelong.


We would easily get close to that for a final

In 1996 Melbourne had 2 million people, today it is closer to 5.5 million

Great memories. I was fortunate enough to enjoy games at Windy Hill for the late 1980’s to 1991. I loved the joint. Amazing tribal atmosphere. Hearing just a muffled cheer at the school end when the opposition scored. And this weird memory of Brad Plain kicking brilliant drop punt goals from the boundary right in front of the Reynolds Stand! Such great memories to cherish.


What a load of ■■■■. Even if you renew but not under their bullshit direct debit you lose consecutive years.


That’s disgraceful.

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Just looking at my Electricity bill going up 30%, my mortgage about to jump when I come off my fixed rate and petrol hovering around the 2 buck mark.

For the first time I’m considering downgrading the membership.

All those privileges I’ve paid over over the last 25 years to guarantee finals tickets have yielded poor value.


Have you called the phone number?
If your switching to another payment method and still holding a membership, I doubt they will put a hold on your Consecutive years membership reward.

I just spoke with the club on the phone as I’m planning on doing what you’ve done and they made it clear that cancelling auto-renew will not jeopardise your Consecutive Years of Membership.

If you’re unsure, I recommend giving Membership Services a call.


Will do thanks guys.

Sometimes I feel the club treat us with disdain to be honest.


Only sometimes?


As I was watching the car crash of the last game of the season, at HT I genuinely, for the first time since becoming an Essendon member in 1997, thought about not renewing. Obviously there’s been some time to calm down from that night, and I will renew again for next season, but unless I see signs that the club is truly back on track, that this isn’t a waste of money, I’ll pull the plug.

The club does take its supporters for granted, they think they can serve up the same crap year after year and expect we will stick by them. Some people are close to having had enough of it, and I don’t blame them.


Half the time it’s poor communication. Something we aren’t great at (especially our website). We’re much better on the phone or face-to-face because our members are generally pretty old and prefer things that way.
That email or webpage looks like a page that is put in when someone chooses to skip a year or no longer wants to renew their membership.

It’ll be interesting to know if those people who chose not to renew their membership and were sent a ‘free one’ still keep their consecutive years of membership going.

@Aceman with the Dodoro news, are you signing up for 2024??

He still isn’t gone and no guarantee he doesn’t do a Mahoney on Rosa.
I’ll wait until he is definitely gone


I’m starting to wonder what we’re not poor at.

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