Merry Christmas, Blitzers


Seems like it.

We’re as far away from the exchange as possible and average 4mbs.

Pigeons would be faster.


Pills Jr has cried his lungs out at not one, not two, but 3 santas.

It actually gets funnier every time.


Miss almost 4 was beside herself yesterday. Had previously been afraid of Santa but this year was all in

Despite some Kinder kid telling her Monday that Santa was pretend, luckily she didn’t believe him. Want to hit that kid.


They really need to keep Trump away from the children.


My eldest is 3, so this is his first year really understanding that Christmas is a thing. It was fun.

However he’s also old enough to be told the real meaning of Christmas too. So last night I sat him down and told him that Christmas isn’t just about presents and food, it’s also about billions of people around the world getting together and giving thanks for the birth of Santa.


And yet almost every parent would tell their Children “Honesty is the Best Policy” and to always tell the truth.

Poor kids can’t win, can they?? :smile:


If you are using WiFi, thats about average for a game console not using nbn/FTTH.

In saying that my av download speed is 50mbs but I get bout 5mbs or thereabouts and I have fibre.

To get the best speeds on console you have to block proxy servers that go through Tokyo etc and ensure you use your ethernet through the console. That’s what slows them right down.

There are articles out there.


Pills jr has a disturbing ring to it


Going to agree with you on this one, was banned from another forum on Christmas Eve, It was due to people not believing in predications and perspectives out of the norm so I gave it back and said you are same people who rubbish outlandish ideas but believe in Christmas, the birth of Jesus, Santa Claus etc Wow did I cop it, never so many reactions.

Quite funny really


Xmas is fkn awesome


But it is so much bullshit, even the whole snow theme, the rat race of having to give people presents you normally wouldn’t, the singing of carols in such a vein, people are all of sudden deeply religious.
I really find it quite humorous that people all of a sudden change for one day and think they are really good.

I won’t go on to much as I will probably get a ban for ruining Christmas but it’s nearly over, thank god :joy:


Got a book on grammar for Christmas.

Couldn’t of done better.

And also a thesaurus…worst thesaurus ever.
It’s terrible, and besides that, it’s terrible.


Junior Pills sounds worse.




Olds junior is a bit creepy come to think


Oh goody.


A bit late to the party, but merry christmas everyone! I hope you all had a great day with loved ones. Bring on 2019




Should be stickied!!


yeah it should’of been.