Midfield Trade Targets


We finally have two decent small fwds since like forever, and now you wanna release them into the midfield???



It’s the blitz way, we finally have a good lightning fast skill full halfback in Mckenna and people want to put him in the middle. There are other important positions on the ground but lets move everyone into the middle


A Bulldog’s breath is renowned for its stinkiness


Could only rotate through mid but, if Jack Lonie is looking, I’d be happy for Essendon to inquire. At a reasonable price, would be an upgrade on green for our 3 small forward mix.


The inside midfielder we keep talking about?


Our approach to trading for mids in one misspelling.
Carrion regardless.


Xavier on SEN just being asked about our list management strategy on the off season.
He said the club is the position to be aggressive in the off season.
He said they believe we need some more class and speed through the midfield. Also said they feel they need another tall back.
Kelly and Lever it is.


I don’t think anyone could handle us getting both of them.




We’ll at least they can see what we need, that’s the first step.

Knowing us we’ll try for a HBF who can “play tall” and “pinch hit” in the midfield


Very simplistic statement.

If I asked, do you want Tippungwuti and Fantasia more involved in the game, everyone would say yes.
These 2 guys should be aiming at 50-50 game time between midfield and Forward. For us to be a better club, we actually need them (a lot) to step up in collecting the ball more. They are elite ball users and have pace. IMO 50-50 takes nothing away from our forwardline dynamic, it enhances it.


It’s almost like you’re saying…


Gee it’s going to be tough to only get Lever, Gaff and Stringer after we miss out on Kelly.


I have a feeling this thread will be getting some heavy traffic in about 3 hours…


■■■■ that.

2 minutes into the first when franklin gets a bs free goal.


When Franklin pots his 9th for the day 3 minutes into the third


■■■ we’re getting Franklin!!


For Jackson Merrett and a third rounder


Tell em they’re dreaming


Sack Dodoro