Midfield Trade Targets


It’s a beat-up in my opinion. Plenty of clubs do it, including us.

You cannot commit to filling your list, until you know who else you might end up with. So there have to be some players out of contract to leave room.

By my count we still have up to 11 players without a contract for 2018. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of them were left in limbo during trade week.



Works the opposite aswell you know. If North don’t land anyone they will have to offer it up to the spuds on the list currently.


they gotta spend the money somewhere.
If I was North I would be asking the AFL to reduce minimum payments to 90% cause they dont wanna be paying spuds top dollar.


Matt Kennedy please.

Un-contracted, 2 years of development, inside bull, won’t cost much, age bracket is perfect.

Get it done.


Add Stringer and Rockliff and there’ll be no more sh*t kicking opposition players roughing us up at the opening bounce.


Trivia Question: Who said the following quote in his draft year?

“Ï have always wanted to play for a Melbourne club”

Clue: He was ultimately picked up, as expected, by GWS as he was an Academy player.

Answer: Matt Kennedy


I’m hugely keen on Kennedy, really good lad, and is the exact type we need

I’m more keen on us going in for him than I am Stringer

And GWS is one of the few teams who actually deal with us


As i understood it, it wasnt actually offered. It was more a general discussion early in trade week about what Melbourne wanted to do with pick 2, they were considering looking to turn it into two ready-to-go best 22 players and it would need something like Myers and Pears to get them even talking.


Where did you hear that they want to offload Tyson? I’m pretty sure he is an underrated inside midfielder who is overshadowed by the likes viney, jones and oliver therefore he is of BIG value.


Yep should be our only target…stringer not for me!


I’m pretty sure he’s a massive jobber that’s been passed by the likes Viney, Oliver, Jones, like he was standing still.

The Dees passing up on Josh Kelly for Salem and Dom Tyson is one of the biggest trade busts of the last 5 years. HUGE ■■■■ up by the savoir!


Clearance stats (avg/game)


Rockliff the obvious gettable one

Worth a question…perhaps, maybe…

D. Swallow


We have already had a Kelly. Need a Kennedy now. Good footballer name :slight_smile:


They also got hunt. I could see the logic at the time. Kelly is making is look a little silly now


Is the 6th total clearances or clearance %?

We are a high goal scoring side which would mean we see a lot more centre clearances than say a Richmond who are more defensive.

That could contribute to some of that ranking.


As I said elsewhere:

What the article said was “David Myers and Travis Colyer were linked as a swap for Melbourne’s pick No.2 in 2013”. It doesn’t say who did the linking (a journalist), it doesn’t say who initiated (if its real). For example, maybe Essendon offered those two for pick #2, and Melbourne laughed it off. Or maybe Melbourne asked about what it would cost to get those two, Essendon said #2, and Melbourne laughed it off.

Without more details, its a nothing phrase.

I’d definitely be interested. Is an inside player, which is what we need. Good quality, but not top end. Depends on cost of course. Last time he cost them a 5-7 pick downgrade.


Tyson is a sub-par user of the ball but if they’re looking to move him on, he’d be a substantial upgrade on Myers.


Do you think they’d still look at that deal?


Thats pretty dire for myers.


Might not be popular but I’d target Rhys Mathieson. Bad habit of ducking but averaged 3.5 clearances a game this season which would rank him 4th at our club (behind only Watson, Heppell and Merrett). Only 20 years old and apparently still uncontracted for next season. Great mates with Parish.