Mlb 2017


Hence why Nelson Cruz is now predominately used as a DH.


Pretty sickening incident at Fenway yesterday. The Orioles' Adam Jones got called the N word and had peanuts thrown at him.


Judge with another 2 HR's today and up to 12 for the season. Having a cracking start to the season


Got a standing ovation today


Stros came from 5 nil down against the arch enemy to win 8 to 7.....digging deep this year!


We score 4 runs in one inning so the Dodgers score 6 that same inning.


I daresay they don't like Mookie Betts or Jackie Bradley Jr playing for the Red Sox, and not to say Big Papi was pasty-faced either.


Exactly AN. That hypocrisy is what gets me when it comes to racists. I had a fellow 49ers fan say stuff about our bi-racial quarterback (Kaepernick) that was similarly sickening.

Anyway, CC Sabathia has come out and said Fenway is the only ballpark he has been racially abused. Mookie Betts expressed support for Jones too.


This Red Sox/Orioles rivalry is developing nicely. Looking forward to the next chapter in a few weeks.

Upcoming Yankees/ Cubs series should be good viewing.


2-0 down and 1 out away from the L, Gardner steps up and BANG!
3-2 win for the Yankees


Gardener has been very good these past couple of weeks.


Giants get absolutely annihilated in Cincinnati. Lose all 3 games with a combined run margin of 31-5. Now we got to New York to play the almost as bad Mets.


Turned on the game this morning to see 7-6 going into the 9th...bang Red Sox put on 10 runs in the 9th to demolish the Twins 17-6


After 2 losses to the Cards, the Braves came back from 4-0 down to be an inch from winning 5-4. Bases loaded bottom 9, Inciarte grounds to 1st who flips to the pitcher who steps on first at the same time as the runner. He's called out, challenges and not possible to overturn it.

Pham homers in the 14th and Cards win 6-4.

They say the convention is that the runner gets the call in a dead heat, but he didn't. If he's called safe, they win.


Yankees got up in the 18th today to sweep the Cubs


Just putting this back here. Got some of it right so far. Long way to go...


Red Sox frustrating go down again. We are not living up to the preseason hype.


Astros bats just keep delivering.....28 and 12 ...700

Hope they go get another starter when the trade window opens!


Jose Bautista goes the bat flip again....again with hostile results, but not with the same match result...not winning an ALCS game, but reducing a 5-run deficit to a 4-run deficit.

This was the 3rd match in a 4 game interleague series, two in Toronto and two in Atlanta. Braves have won all three, scoring 27 runs and 7 hit batters, including Freddie Freeman who left the game with a damaged hand. Ender Inciarte had to fight off some severe chin music after all this. One Blue Jay was hit on the leg after all 7 Braves had been hit.

Probably lucky for the Braves that the Blue Jays are missing Donaldson, Martin, Tulowitzki and Liriano, but the Braves are also missing Chipper Jones, Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz.


Atlanta now 2nd in the NL East, only 8 back of the Nationals who come into Atlanta on the weekend.

It'll make a difference if Freddie is out though, equal leader in the major league with 14 homers.