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I went 0-3 with three strike-outs in my A Reserve game on Saturday. I’m starting to worry that at 41 I may have missed my window to make it to the majors.


Cards finally get one over the Cubs, winning 5-0 behind 22yo rookie Jack Flaherty.

Yanks lose, Nats lose, Red Sox beat the M’s 9-3 and Braves beat the Padres 4-1, with Teheran pitching 6 no-hit frames on return from the DL.


Have you tried changing your name to Jose Bautista?


Start off with Joey Bats…and then dumping the Bats bit.



Juan Soto just hit a HR in a game that started before he made his debut. Figure that out :slight_smile:

“Wheels? Where we are going we don’t need wheels!”


And his first MLB HR came about May 22, but this one’s dated May 15.

Yanks and Nats split their head-and-a-thirder


Slight tangent but Juan Soto might make the bitterness of a possible Bryce Harper departure a little easier to swallow for the Nats…


Where’s the market for Harper? Most of the big market clubs have overloaded outfields.

I know Harper will make them better, but for instance, Braves could swap him in for Markakis.

He’ll be after a contract probably around $30 mill per.


Yep, he will be looking for $30m a year. Dodgers? Yankees? Not sure if I want my Giants to go after him since they also need to give Bum his big fat increase too (unless they blow up the team).

Going to be fascinating to see where Machado and Harper land.


I seem to vaguely remember an article mid last year suggesting that he was looking for $40 million/season.


I could see someone like Texas…but they’ve been ordinary this year…and they still have Cole Hamels.

Would the Angels be a chance? Right fielder in Calhoun doesn’t have quite the sheen of Trout and J Upton.


Machado may be heading to Arizona on early talks.

Nats came back from 5-1 down to beat the Orioles 9-7
Yanks beat the Mariners 7-2 with homers from Stanton, Hicks, Andújar and Torres
Cards beat the Phils
Braves beat the Blue Jays 11-4 in Canada with a salami from Camargo and 9 RBIs from the 7-8-9 hitters. Soroka got taken out after 4.2 holding an 8-4 lead, 1 out short of getting the W
Astros had their 12-game win streak ended by the Rays
Cubs and Dodgers split a double header.


Good win over Seattle after trailing for most of the day. Stanton homer in the bottom of the 9th to get the W


Were down 5-0


Don Mattingly still hates the Giants.

We played the Marlins last week in Miami and they broke Longoria’s finger by throwing in.

So, per the ■■■■■■ “unwritten rule”, our closer Strickland (who has the temperament of a colicky 2 month old) decides to get revenge when the Marlins come visiting. Problem is he misses, gives up a hit and then 3 runs to blow the save. To add cherry to the pie, he then punched a door in frustration. With his PITCHING hand. Broke it (the hand, not the door) out 6-8 wks.

Next day there were a bunch of ejections as everyone tried to get even.


Some weird games today.

Red Sox Mariners was 5-4 after an inning.
Nelson Cruz hit his second 3-run shot and Seattle led 10-5 before Boston came back to win 14-10

Atlanta Baltimore was 0-1 heading to the bottom of the 8th
Braves scored 3, then the O’s scored 6 in the 9th
Braves have come back with 4 to tie it, with the winning run thrown out at the plate. Had a man on 3rd with one out but couldn’t score. Into extras now.

Yankees lost 2-1 to the Rays
Dodgers beat the Mets 5-2
Phillies beat the Nats 12-2


And hardly a base runner since in Atlanta. Into the 15th. Both teams out of position players.


Massive stuff up leaving Wright in for Cruz after Cruz had already crushed him. Bang Homer 10-5 Red Sox down. The bull pen was great after that and the Red Sox dominated. 10-14. Great win! Different team this year…last couple years that game was over after top of the first


Peter Moylan comes in the 15th…gives up a 2-run shot to Machado and another run.

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