Mlb 2018


Odd results lately. Top teams getting well beaten by lowly sides.

Baltimore are 30 games under .500 but took the first two games in Atlanta.
Tampa swept the Yankees, and today beat the Nationals 11-0
Maybe teams are hanging out for the All Star break.

Braves struggled against the lowly Reds today (they swept the Cubs recently) until Ozzie Albies hit a walk-off homer in the 11th. Braves relief corps is sucking major league donkey balls recently. Starter leaves with a lead - reliever gives it straight back…and the closer is on the DL. Hope they trade for some decent relievers and Acuña comes off the DL later this week.


Red Sox going from strength to strength


Braves bullpen in drastic need of resupply. Just lost two home series against the worst teams in both the AL and NL. And most of them the starter left with a lead.

If it were up to me, S Freeman, Moylan and Winkler would be lining up at Centrelink. And now Soroka is on the 60-day DL, so the idea of moving McCarthy into the pen is up in smoke.

Doesn’t really help that the bats have gone quiet.

Luckily the Nats and Phils have been losing as well. But that won’t last.


Mariners with another one run win…topping the Orioles in extra innings after we scored 2 in the 9th to tie things up.

Diaz with his 30th save of the season.


Bum now with 15 consecutive shutout innings. Giants beat the Rockies through a walk off HR from Crawford.


Mariners top the Os in another extra innings game, currently sitting 8-0 in extra innings games this year.

This one ended up being a 2 run win, not another 1 run win though.


Andujar is seeing Rodriguez well


Yankees have torched Boston today. Hopefully can atleast split the remainder of the series


Braves leading 5-0 in St Louis with 2 outs in the top of the 9th. Let’s see if the bullpen can hold on here.

Edit…quick out then 2 singles and a walk to load them up. Problem is there isn’t a single relief pitcher in the Braves bullpen you’d be scared of.

Gave up one run on a forceout. Still 2 on and 2 outs.

And hold on.

Nats hit 7 homers (Soto 2) in Philly to win 17-7.


And Boston are returning the belting today


Braves are ordinary at home, but good on the road. Took an 11-0 lead into the bottom of the 9th in St Louis (gave up 4). Salami for Markakis and a 2-run shot to Acuña.


Boston played well today. Sale was massive


Amazing play by Phillies pitcher. Vince Velasquez. Got absolutely drilled by a comebacker in his pitching arm. Threw off his mitt, picked up the ball 10 yards away and fired a strike to first for the out with his left hand. Had to leave the game with his right arm cradled in his jersey.

Tim Tebow, after his failed NFL career where God simply let him down, is getting closer to a call-up with the Mets this season.


A’s with 6 in a row.

Stringing some good form together.

Stoked we are over .500.


All 3 games of this series have been blowouts. Price gives up 8 runs including 5 homers in 3.1 innings


Mariners with another 1 run win, up to 26 on the season.

Big Maple Leaf with 8 inning, 2 hit win and Edwin “Sugar” Diaz with an MLB leading 32nd save.

Back to .5 games back from the Astros in the AL West.


Hicks with his 3rd homer of the day.




Braves swept the Cards but again nearly gave up a good lead

3 game series
Starters 17.2 IP 0 ER
Bullpen 9.1 IP 10 ER

Rays have swept the Astros, only a week or so after sweeping the Yanks. Still a way back though.


Braves and Yankees into extras in the Bronx at 3-3. Chapman has had his shot too so that bullet has been dodged.

Camargo and Judge solo homers.

Braves win 5-3 in the 11th on a 2-run Acuña homer. Relievers got themselves into trouble a few times but managed to escape. Playing with fire, but a great start to the series.

Red Sox beat Scherzer in DC with Porcello hitting a base-clearing double. Won 4-3. Rendon, Murphy and Harper homers.