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Braves look like winning, 5-3 in the 11th


Both Judge and Acuña’s homers just cleared the short right-field porch. Acuña’s may have touched Judge’s glove as he extended the 6’7”.

In LA, Matt Kemp is up to 8 hits in a row going 5-5 today in a 17-1 win over Pittsburgh.


Yanks even the series 8-5 on homers by Hicks, Higeshioka (sp?) and Stanton against Inciarte, Albies and Markakis.

Braves had one disastrous innings where they gave up 5 walks and 0 hits for 2 runs. Came back from 6-0 down to 6-5 but then Stanton homered with 1 on and Chapman shut the door.


Why doesn’t German get the W? Pitched 4.1 innings as starter


Starter has to complete 5 innings, leave with the lead and the team not lose the lead. Only met 2 of those conditions. If you leave before 5 innings trailing, and the team never regains the lead or draws level, you take the loss.

Soroka left after 4.2 and an 8-4 lead a couple of weeks ago. Next guy got one out. Next guy pitched 2 innings and got the W.


Has that always been the case? I can’t believe I haven’t noticed that. I knew the rest of it, didn’t know about the 5 inning minimum


As long as I know. You probably haven’t noticed it because 19 times out of 20, the starter with the lead completes the 5 innings.


Yeah true.


MLB is almost the same as the AFL…so many rule changes.

I’ve been following it since the mid 80s.
I think they’ve changed…umm…
Sliding rules into base and rules re catchers blocking the plate
Limit on number of mound visits

And all of them are in the last 5 or so years

Can’t think of too many others.

And on the stats side, they’ve dumped the GWRBI (game-winning RBI) because so often it could be the first run of the game.

Anyone think of anything else?


I know baseball has had way less changes than basketball (or cricket or footy).


Surely you were around when they banned spitballers?


The last I heard of was Gaelord Perry and that was before my time.

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There is talk that DH is going to apply to both leagues relatively soon.

There will be blowback. A lot of people want the DH rule abolished.


Nats trailed the Marlins 9-0 in DC before coming back with 2 touchdowns to lead 14-9 and win 14-12.

Braves struggling in Brewtown. Led 2-0 before lacklustre pitching gave the Brewers a 4-2 lead, now 5-2.

Luke Weaver 5 innings into a perfect game in San Fran. Cards lead 9-0.


And that put the mozz on Weaver…2 hits including a homer to Hansen…and cut the lead to 9-2.

Bader makes it 11-2. Three parts of the cycle for him.


Red Sox smash 15 today after going down 3-0 early. KC have dropped away so quickly.


D-Backs scored 20 and Nats 18.

That Nats team meeting seems to have worked.

Braves snapped a 4-game skid where their division lead evaporated. Freddie Freeman back in some form, 3 hits, 2 for extras.


Another small streak for the Red Sox 5-0 v Texas today…Nice run into the mid break. 63 wins…


Braves bullpen collapse again, giving up 5 runs in the 8th. Need to swap out about 4 of them.

Philly now on their own on top in the NL East.

Yanks lost, Sox won. So I think the Red Sox have a 3.5 game lead.


Orioles have a 5-4 record over the Yankees this year…