Mlb 2018


in the 4th 17-0 Cleveland over Cinci



Ended up like one of our mid 80’s wins where we’d be up 15 goals at half-time and win by 14. Yawnfest second halves. Ended 19-4.

Braves got out to a 7-0 lead in the 7th, gave up 5 on a solo and a salami by Travis, then Ozzie Albies hit his second to make it 9-5. Weedy little sod but he’s got 20 homers and over 50 XBH’s. He may have even overtaken Hank Aaron for the most before the ASG by a Brave.

Phils lost to a 3-run walkoff by Nimmo to tie it up again at the top. Nats lost again.

Yanks won 9-0 over the O’s and Sox 4-2 over the Rangers.


A’s have won 18 of their past 23 games.

Super impressed with our season so far.


Cards have fired their manager, Mike Matheny. Sure to please @StealthBomber. They’ll replace him with someone else he wants to be fired.




Almost got to 70 as I thought…

Big improvement with Xander and Mookie adding DH Martinez…soo good



They beat the Cubs 18-5 today. I’d say a weight may have been lifted off some shoulders…


Carpenter 16 bases, 3 HR’s and 2 doubles.

Cubs won yesterday though.

Braves beat the Nats 8-5 on Strasburg’s return…Albies gone for the weekend though with hammy tightness.


Looks as if my A’s are trading for Familia from the Mets for some prospects.

Would be a great pick up.


Didn’t you trade closers and relievers to Washington last year’s trade deadline? Doolittle and someone.


Can’t remember off the top of my head other than Doolittle going to the Nats which kinda sucked as I was a big fan of him.

Blake Treinen has been closing for us so far this season and doing a serviceable job but I don’t even think the A’s thought they’d be in the position they are in right now this far into the season and in contentions for the playoffs hence why Familia is being targeted.

Quality player.


A’s v Giants in Oakland today sold out and will be the most attended MLB game for the year. Upwards of 56k expected and I dare say majority will be Giants fans.


I thought there were two, including Doolittle.

Mariners, A’s and Yanks vying for 2 wild card slots.

One of the 2 AL East giants should be one based on current standings.

Still 70-odd games to go of course.


■■■■■■■ lol at Sanchez in that last play today


Cardinals pitcher on debut…Daniel Poncedeleon…7 innings of no-hit pitching…handed over to the bullpen who blew the save and his win.

I gather he’s had a fair bit of hardship coming in. Probably in discovering Florida (first European) in the search for the mythical Fountain of Youth.

Good day for the Braves, win 12-1 in Miami and the rest of the division loses.

Phillies and Dodgers - Dodgers led 4-1 with all 5 runs coming on solo homers, then Hoskins tied it, followed by another solo homer. Dodgers won 7-6.

Bosox win, Yanks lose and the A’s had a big 15-3 win. Still 8 back of the Astros.


Inexcusable. As well as the play earlier in the game when he didn’t hustle for a passed ball. He has to be sat down tomorrow.


Red Sox Win, Yankees Lose…What a day!!! the gap widens


Imagine a Yankees forum like blitz. He would deservedly cop it.

They are non negotiables


It was almost a Yankees home game down at the Trop.

How many New Yorkers have migrated south to Florida? I always tend to think the Red Sea Pedestrians follow the Mets.


We just keep on winning somehow.

Considering how young quite a few of our position players are, I struggle to see how we are producing such great results.

Riding a lot of momentum right now.