Mlb 2018


in the 4th 17-0 Cleveland over Cinci



Ended up like one of our mid 80’s wins where we’d be up 15 goals at half-time and win by 14. Yawnfest second halves. Ended 19-4.

Braves got out to a 7-0 lead in the 7th, gave up 5 on a solo and a salami by Travis, then Ozzie Albies hit his second to make it 9-5. Weedy little sod but he’s got 20 homers and over 50 XBH’s. He may have even overtaken Hank Aaron for the most before the ASG by a Brave.

Phils lost to a 3-run walkoff by Nimmo to tie it up again at the top. Nats lost again.

Yanks won 9-0 over the O’s and Sox 4-2 over the Rangers.


A’s have won 18 of their past 23 games.

Super impressed with our season so far.


Cards have fired their manager, Mike Matheny. Sure to please @StealthBomber. They’ll replace him with someone else he wants to be fired.




Almost got to 70 as I thought…

Big improvement with Xander and Mookie adding DH Martinez…soo good