Mlb 2018


The real big comeback story this year is Max Muncy…dumped by the A’s…and somehow latched onto the Dodgers and made the roster. 5 HR, sub .200 BA.

Took over at first when Bellinger was injured, and has now hit 23 homers and batting .276. Bellinger playing centre field. Figured at the Home Run Derby.


A’s come back from 10-2 down in the bottom of the 6th to tie it at 10-10 and send it into extras where Kris Davis homers a 3 run shot and we win 13-10 after 10 innings.

Familia with the W as well.


I went out for a while and thought you’d be unhappy. Then when I got home, I checked all the scores and thought I must have been wrong about the previous thought.

Phils beat LA in the 16th. Dodgers essentially gave up and had utility Kiki Hernandez pitched. Put about 2 in the strike zone pitching to 3 batters. The third disappeared into the stands.


Zach Britton to the Yankees, best be having a shave ASAP


They must be just going to use him as a left-handed setup man. I would have thought the Yanks were ok for late relievers.


Giants win a typical Giants game up in Seattle. Tied 3-3 in the top of the 9th, 2 outs with a runner on 2nd, Panda chops a grounder which doesn’t even clear the grass in the infield. Dee Gordon was playing too deep and couldn’t make the play at 1st so Duggar (the runner at 2nd safely made it home).

We won 4-3.


A’s down 5-1 against the Rangers.

Kris Davis makes it a 5-4 game with a 3 run dinger and then hits one opposite field in the top of the 9th with two outs to win the game 6-5.

Unbelievable run of form we are on right now.


Three big moves today

SP J A Happ from the Jays to the Yankees
SP Cole Hamels from the Rangers to the Cubs
C Martín Maldonado from the Angels to the Astros

Looks like Brian McCann is out for longer, and the Stros won’t trust Evan Gattis to back up Max Stassi. Born to DH, Gattis, and probably why the Braves let him go to the AL.

Dodgers beat the Braves 8-2 and the Phils won, so 2.5 games back now.

A’s hold a 6-5 lead late so won’t be familiar with this position.


They held on.

Good work boys!

Just need a Bombers win tonight!


And Jonny Venters has returned to Atlanta from Tampa. Missed about 3 years with arm problems, but used to be a good left-handed setup man for Craig Kimbrel.

This should get rid of one crap reliever from the bullpen.


Giants playing .500 ball. Not going to cut it if we want to make the playoffs. Wonder if they will try to dump some salary in the coming week. Hunter Pence (love him to death) is on $18m a year. Melancon (bust) is on $9.5m, Samardzija is on $18m.


41 games over .500 for Boston…this season is unreal


Sean Newcomb had a no-no going for 8 and two thirds before giving up a hit…Braves avoid the sweep. As soon as the game’s over, someone brings up tweets he did when he was 18, which used some words considered as homophobic slurs. He’s been in the majors for 3 or more years…couldn’t this have been brought up before? Goes to show that if you have any success at all, someone will try to bring you down over something silly you’ve done in the past.

Non-waiver trades finish first thing Wednesday, our time. Still tons of pitchers to be shifted around. Chris Archer (Rays) and Zach Wheeler (Mets) two big candidates, but the price for Archer is high. I know Atlanta have been asked for Luis Gozara, a good young left-hander who’s played a few this year. I’d rather give them spuds like Pete Moylan and Sam Freeman - Atlanta’s equivalent of Ricky Dyson and a third-rounder.


Asdrubal Carrerra to the Phils for some pitching prospect. Nifty gap fill.


Went to see Cueto and my Giants take on the red hot Brewers on Saturday. One inning in and it was VERY obvious Cueto wasn’t right. Could barely hit 85mph and even dipped into the low 70s. Gave up 6 hits and 4 runs in 4 innings before being pulled. After the game mentioned his elbow is, well, to put it mildly f&*%ed. Tommy John likely. 14 months gone. All at $15m per year. YIKES!


Cueto only on the 10-day DL though.

Trades coming through…

RHP Lance Lynn to the Yankees from the Twins for INF Tyler Austin and RHP Luis Rojo
LHP Zach Duke to the Mariners from the Twins for RHP Chase De Jong and INF Ryan Costello
RHP Adam Warren from the Yankees to the Mariners for international pool money
RHP Brad Blach from the Orioles to the Braves for international pool money
OF Adam Duvall from the Reds to the Braves for OF Preston Tucker and RHPs Matt Wisler and Lucas Sims
LHP J A Happ from the Jays to the Yankees
RHP Chasen Shreve from the Yankees to the Cardinals
RHP Roberto Osuna from the Jays to the Astros. His 75-game suspension for domestic violence is about to come to an end. Closer Ken Giles involved in that trade.
INF Eduardo Escobar from the Twins to the D-Backs

Plenty of minor leaguers involved in these trades, but if I haven’t heard of them, they don’t exist.

Red Sox beat the Phillies 2-1 in the 13th.
Braves beat the Marlins 5-3, so now half a game back.

And the Nats have declared that Bryce Harper is available. Possibly just a rental.


2B Ian Kinsler from the Angels to Boston for 2 pitchers and 2 prospects.


Wonder if the Yankees or Dodgers make a play for him hoping to sign him long term…


Looks unlikely we see Pedroia this season. Is it time for retirement?


Stanton, Judge, Hicks, Gardner…

Bellinger, Puig, Hernandez, Kemp, Taylor…a couple who also play infield there.

Some pretty stacked outfields.