Mlb 2018


Wilson Ramos to the Phils for cash and a player to be names later.
Injured right now but another good little upgrade


Harper stays. This will be a wild offseason with Machado and him both hitting free-agency. When is Trout up?

Giants stand pat despite fan opinions calling for everything from blow it all up (“trade Bum and Posey”) to doubling down and going way over the Tax threshold (“get Harper now!”). I can take it. We are very unlikely to make the post-season and given we have $33m locked up annually in Cueto and Samardzija (both injured) no need to take extreme measures.


Not many huge last-minute trades.

2B Brian Dozier from the Twins to the Dodgers for INF Logan Forsythe
2B Jonathan Schoop from the O’s to the Pirates
SP Archer from the Rays to the Pirates. The Rays were said to be asking a huge price which put the Braves off, but it seems they didn’t get it.
Braves picked up 2 established pitchers from the O’s


Mets had a good day. Lost to Washington 25-4. Washington had 26 hits. 3 of the Mets runs came in the 9th


My eyesight isn’t what it used to be. When I saw the score, I honestly thought someone was taking the ■■■■.


Oops…Schoop went to the Brewers, not the Pirates. Jonathan Villar coming back the other way.

Also Marlins sent RHP Brad Ziegler to Arizona.
Cardinals sent OF Tommy Pham to the Rays.
Jays swapped RHP John Axford to the Dodgers.

And one of the two Braves pitcher acquisitions, Darren O’Day, is out for the season due to hamstring issues. Does Justin Crow’s incompetence have no bounds?


Crappy day for the Giants. Cueto gets his Tommy John surgery done. Will miss rest of this season AND all of next year. See you 2020.

And then, late today, surprisingly rough news for the Panda. Serious hamstring injury leading to surgery. Out for the rest of the year. Wonder if that could end up being career ending…



I hope so! hahaha. Na not really…just wish he wasn’t taking our money still

Big day for Pearce 3 Homers 6 RBIs. Great get him and Kinsler both fitting in well.

15-7 win v Yankees


Dodgers score 21 against the Brewers.

Rangers score 17 against the Orioles.

I will be honest. I can’t remember a day where 3 teams scored 15 or more. Unbelievable…


Yankees Red Sox at Fenway.
Sox lead 1-0, Yankees score 4, starting with a 2-run error by Bogaerts.
4-1 in the bottom of the 9th with Chapman on the mound and a 22-game save streak.
JD Martinez hits a 2-run single and Bogaerts hits a regulation shot to 3rd where Andújar fluffs the throw to first, so tied 4-4 after 9.
Benintendi wins it in the 10th with a single to centre, giving them a 4-game sweep in the series and a 9.5 game lead.

Lots of 1 and 2 game results…nothing earth-shattering.


I was watching the game in the 8th and thought it may be over (had to go back to work)…checked score later and saw we won…unbelievable effort from this team!


Stiff shitt!

Replay will be on tonight.


Will watch Condensed game on train like every other day…


One of those absolute gut-punch losses last night for the Giants vs the Astros. Rookie of the year candidate, Dereck Rodriguez pitched 7 shutout innings. Giants held a 1-0 lead with the Astros 2 outs in the top of the 9th. A single and a walk and a 3 run HR and that’s all she wrote.

Unbelievable :frowning:


Rinse and repeat. Bum pitches 7 shutout innings. Giants lead 1-0 and then our bullpen gives up a 2 run HR top of the 8th.

■■■■ me.


There’s a reason the Astros are the favourites to win the WS…


Yep, even with Correa, Altuve, McCann, Springer all out injured. What a roster…


80 wins.

Red Sox keep on


They love coming from behind. The pitcher who gave up the Martinez homer got ejected for arguing a single first pitch which was called a ball…close though. I could understand getting ejected for arguing a 0-1 or a 1-1 pitch. but a first pitch. I think Martinez hit the second one out.

Braves split a double-header with the Nats…lost the first 8-3 after Fried left the game early, and won the second despite Scherzer pitching. Culberson hit a solo shot off Scherzer to even it, then Inciarte hit a 2-run triple off Herrera. All those sensational bullpen pitchers the Royals rode to the WS seem to have hit rougher times. None of Davis, Herrera or Holland are unhittable any more.


Good win in DC for the Bravos. On TV, but I didn’t wake up till the 4th inning when they led 7-1 on homers by Acuña, Culberson and Flowers.

Nats suffered from some horrific strike calls and Soto got ejected when he came up to bat.

Yanks were beating the ChiSox on a slam by Stanton and a homer by Hicks. Red Sox won again but the Cubs were getting smashed by the lowly Royals.