Mlb 2018


Ok. These A’s are the real deal. 34-11 in their last 45!!!


I have no idea how we are doing it.

Unbelievable season.

Getting Familia was huge.


Confirmed that King Felix is out of the starting rotation and has been moved to the bullpen.

Not surprising given his struggles this season, after his struggles with injury a form last season…but still sad.

Probably the 2nd best starting pitcher the Ms have had behind the Big Unit Randy Johnson.


Braves lost another pitcher in Anibal Sanchez…left the game injured and his replacement, Wes Parsons, lost to the Nats 6-3, splitting the series.

Yanks won, Red Sox lost, Astros lost


Some big scores today

Yanks down 12-7 to the Rangers. Rangers rookie Ronald Guzman 3 homers
Red Sox beat the O’s 19-12
Giants beat the Pirates 13-10

Braves beat the Brewers 10-1

In others, Cubs beat the Nats 3-2
Mariners beat the Astros 5-2
Padres beat the Phils 2-0
Angels beat the A’s 4-3



Rogers Centre, Toronto

Blue Jays v Tampa



Giants retired Barry Bonds’ number 25 yesterday so I made the trek over to AT&T Park. Ceremony went 30min over but the Giants graciously made up for it by not giving a yelp and losing 0-4 to the Pirates.




Blue Jays won it 2-1. So lots of happy locals.

I had a great time. First time to a game and it was really good fun. I got into the game and was rooting for the home team.

Pre-match I went down to ground level and was surprised by how small the diamond was. On tv it seems a lot bigger. And the pitcher’s mound looks way closer to the batter. And when I saw that first pitch live, it was “faaaarrrkk that’s quick”.

They run it well and from what I’ve read online the food options/quality at Rogers isn’t great compared to other stadiums, but from what I saw it was a good range and way better than what you get at Etihad and the G. And the seats come with their own cupholder to place your full strength beer can or cup!!!

The pre and during game hype / fan engagement is just like at the AFL and cricket games. I presume this (and basketball games) is where the AFL and cricket have borrowed it from. It’s obvious we don’t know when or how to clap since we need to be told and shown how.


Love myself a walk off slam


I went up to Sydney for Dodgers v Diamondbacks. They had 1 metre hot dogs


Braves win both legs of today’s doubleheader against the Marlins 9-1 and 6-1, with Acuña leading off both games (bottom halves) with a homer. He’d be a lay-down misère for ROTY if it weren’t for Juan Soto of the Nats. And so would Pudge’s boy, Derek, pitching for @DonMania’s lot. Pudge was an HOF catcher with a monster arm.

Mets finally got out the big bats to back De Grom at Yankee Stadium 8-5.

MadBum against Kershaw in LA but very early scoreless.


Scherzer would have been filthy about that. He threw a brilliant game and then that happened in the bottom of the 9th with 2 out!


Going ■■■■■■ insane here as my Giants have scored 4 in the top of the 9th to take a 5-2 lead in LA!!!


I got home when it was 2-1, top of the 9th, 2 out, 2 on, then Alexander hit Slater to load them and Hundley drove in 2 off the first pitch.


Let’s just say I might have done some rather R-rated gestures in front of the telly when Hundo went bang.




No Kenley Jansen yeah?


Nope. He has a heart irregularity. Wish him the best. Might be similar to what Kreuzer (Carlton) has. Hard to diagnose/manage.


Ronald Acuña Jr set a new MLB record as the youngest player to homer in 5 straight games. He’s homered off the first pitch two games in a row and as leadoff 3 games in a row. BA of .358 since he’s gone to leadoff. Charlie Culberson homered off the second pitch of the Braves batting. Freddie Freeman added another and Acuña settled matters with another, a 3-run shot, to make it 10-6. JT Realmuto, who’s high on the Atlanta wishlist to take over as catcher next year, drove in 4 for the Fish.

Red Sox beat the Phils 2-1
Yanks beat the Rays 3-1
And the Cards beat the Nats 6-1.

Braves now 2 games clear on top of the NL East and the Nats 8 games back.