Mlb 2018


Giants to it again! Score in the 9th to win 2-1 and take the series against the Dodgers. Puig being a punk again sparking a brawl in the 7th.


Miami finally solved the Acuña problem…throw the first pitch straight at him and knock him out of the game. Pitcher and Atlanta manager both ejected. Braves win 5-2 to complete the sweep with 3 RBIs from Dansby Swanson.

Yanks lost, Phils beat the Red Sox.


Wilson Ramos Es Bueno on debut.

And we’ve got Mets coming up. Not out of it yet.


Critical thing is to sweep the minnows. I think this is the first sweep of a crap team all season for the Braves. They’ve done better against the Nats than expected. Nats looked like surging a week or two back, but that seems to have petered out again.

Mets have got some big scores recently, and they haven’t done that since the first fortnight of the season when they were 11-1.


C’mon Cards…hottest team in the NL


If you’re going to deliberately nail someone and don’t want to get ejected for it, you’ve got to hide it.

Years ago when my brother and I were playing in the same team we had a set play for a certain opposition tool-bag that had blind-side elbowed me in the head whilst I was base-running in an earlier game. I used to catch and then relieve later in the game and my brother would catch to me and we had it agreed that if he came to bat when I was pitching that the first ball would be wide outside and in the dirt and the second would be straight through the box aiming for the middle of his back. Got to do it in a first-week final that we won easily and I didn’t get ejected. We then towelled the same team up in the Grand Final by about 25 runs after having lost to them in both games during the regular season. Revenge is sweet.


Phils just got pipped at the post, 24-4, with 3 innings pitched by position players.

6-2 up in the 2nd game.


Braves surrendered the lead in the 9th. Never let the first man on with a walk…is the old motto. Didn’t happen…error followed by a walk and you’re pushing manure uphill.



The amount of hits I took base running from people “tagging me” was unreal.


Big series between myAstros and the A’s will probably decide the division!


87 wins


What’s everyone’s opinion on Matt Chapman?

One of the best third baseman in baseball?


A’s get one in the bottom of the 9th to tie and a HR in the bottom of the 10th to win tonight. Wow. Within one game of the division. Anyone who says they predicted this at the start of the season is either a liar or a time traveler.


Always had faith :wink:


They are officially in 1st place now. Unbelievable.


Tied for first place.

An amazing achievement considering our start and how much talent the Astros have.


Cards get a Wild Card spot after series win over the Brewers


Braves were up 3-0 top 9, 2 out, none on, and gave up 3 in the 9th and 2 in the 10th.

Surprised they’ve been so good with such a crap pitching staff. Really need to spend money on it.


Looks like nats are selling up big


Braves had another 20yo making his MLB debut and he won 1-0…Bryse Wright…and the closer didn’t stuff it up. Doing better tonight with a 5-0 lead in Pittsburgh in the 7th…Dansby Swanson with 2 2-run homers.

Lots of good young pitchers in Soroka, Allard and Wright who all won on debut, but the established corps is a bit iffy. They might hold off the Phils and make it to the playoffs, but I’d be surprised if they got past the first round.

Nats have offloaded Daniel Murphy to the Cubs, and Matt Adams has gone back to St Louis. Not sure who’ll make way in Chicago if Murphy gets a game…plenty of quality infielders.

Edit: left out Touki Toussaint and Luiz Gohara from the young Braves pitchers. Both 22yo’s who’ve had starts and won.