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Rental for McCutchen, and not a bad move considering Judge is taking longer than expected to get over his broken hand.


Red Sox travel to Atlanta and get it done.



Down 7-1 going into the 8th… bang on 6… Atlanta get one in the 8th…new guy to the Red Sox team Phillips blasts a 2 run Homer to help win us the match 8-9

Phillips signed after being let go by the Braves end of 2017



Winkler blew it giving up 4 runs late without getting an out. Pitching is very fragile at the moment. Acuña breaks the Braves record, hitting his 8th leadoff homer. Got to be overtaking Soto as NL ROTY.


Kid can play


Only 4 games today. Braves blew a two-run lead bottom 9, but scored on a bases-loaded wild pitch in the 10th and held on.

You wouldn’t feel confident with any bullpen pitcher at the moment. Luckily, they’re in by far the weakest division of the 6 and the Phils and Nats are just as patchy.


Funny game in Arizona. 0-0 after 5 with one hit combined.

Then Acuña hits a 2-run jack and Arizona come back with 4 in the bottom half.
Braves get another in the 8th then score 6 in the top of the 9th with homers to Inciarte, Duda and Camargo, 3 singles and a triple.

Martinez has just hit his 40th at Fenway to give the Sox a 5-1 lead in the 5th over the Astros.
Of the playoff contenders with any sort of doubt over their appearance, Phillies lost, Cards won, Brewers won, Dodgers beat the Rockies, Athletics won, Yankees lost to the Mariners and Cubs postponed in DC.

Acuña has hit his 25th homer, one of only 7 players to hit 25 before turning 21.


Still one behind Krush Davis though… :wink:


All of the Braves’ starters have reached double figures in homers, counting the platooning Suzuki as the catcher…and utility Charlie Culberson is on 9. Johan Camargo has been the surprise with 18…they were looking for a 3B to fill in till Austin Riley is ready.

Pity the bullpen isn’t firing as well.


Big day for the Braves…Phillies drop a double-header against the Nats, Braves win successive games in San Fran - hopefully getting revenge for being swept by the Giants in Atlanta. Homer to Culberson and complete game by Foltynewicz but Camargo injured.

In the AL West, Astros and A’s both win, Mariners trail in the 9th. AL Central is all over. AL East all but - Sox win, Yanks lose, Rays lose.
NL West D-Backs beat the Rockies and Dodgers lost. NL Central Cubs beat the Brewers, Cards win.

So, with 16-18 games to go
NL East, Braves lead the Phils by 6.5, Nats by 8, but Braves and Phillies meet each other 7 more times.
Central - Cubs lead the Brewers by 2, Cards by 3.5
West - Rockies lead the Dodgers by 1.5, D-Backs by 2.5
AL East - Red Sox lead the Yanks by 9
Central - Tribe lead the Twins by 15.5
West - Astros lead the A’s by 3

Wildcards -
NL Brewers and Cards by 3 over the Dodgers, 4 over D-Backs, 6.5 over Phils, 8 over the Nats
AL Yanks and A’s 8 clear of the Mariners


Mariners were very good for first half of the season, but have slid bag to their usual poo in the 2nd half.

Doesn’t help that Zunio is batting sub .200, Seagar’s BA has plunged this season and Felix is now represents a Court Jester instead of the King.


Phils look cooked.


Giants have lost 10 in a row for the first time in 22 seasons. Oh well, just means there will be cheap tickets for the Hunter Pence farewell tour. Love him!



On a couple of tight and controversial calls. But then again, Braves lost a game to the Cubs on a terrible review blue.


I was trying to get over getting swept by your mob, AN. You guys deserved to win. Top-10 draft pick coming up (again) for us.




Red Sox need 2 wins from New York to clinch…how sweet it will be being in the bronx


NL East…nobody wants to win.
Braves beat Scherzer on Saturday, but have lost the next 3. The pitchers just keep giving up crucial walks.

Phils lost to the Mets and Nats to the Marlins.

All coming down to the last 7 games between the Braves and the Phils. Braves have a big lead though. Magic number of 7 with 12 to play.


The Giants have the best ERA in MLB since June 1. And, were eliminated from contention last night. Our hitting SUCKS!


Well we aren’t clinching in New York!!! JESUS.