Mlb 2018


That was a crazy time for a bro hug but they got away with it.


Rockies get 3 2-out singles in the 13th to lead 2-1

1 out bottom half


Rockies win!


Well, first we got Collingwood to lose a Granny and now we got the Cubs eliminated in straight sets.

Little victories, little victories…


Cubs hitting really went off late in year, lack of rest really hurt. Plus losing a starter and their closer.

Well done to Rockies, well deserved.

At least it wasn’t cardinals, couldn’t deal with those flogs


Now for A’s to beat Yanks. Actually Red Sox have had bad games against both teams this year. Should be a sweet series


A’s doing a bullpen game in the WC too


I’m nervous about Severino starting




Judge goes BANG!! 2-0 bootom of 1st.


Gee the A’s missed an opportunity in the 4th and 5th to get on the scoreboard


5-0 now.
Finish them!


Yanks out to 5-0 bottom 6, still none out

Doubles to Judge and Hicks scored 1. Walk and SB to Stanton, triple by Voit scores 2 more

Edit: Gregorius drives in Voit on a sac fly which was challenged

6-0 one out


And Didi with the sac fly to make it 6-0


A’s pull 2 back in the 8th but a Stanton HR makes it 7-2


Love the Yankees batting line up


All over.
Let’s hope we can put up a decent series against the Sox now


Sox will be worried, healthy batting line up


And you’ve got to assume Price will get torched by the Yankee bats.


Sale, Porcello, Price…We will need run support! Its been tight all year between Red Sox and Yankees. Glad we have home field