Mlb 2018


Giants finally win a series 2-1 against the Angels. Brandon Belt breaks the MLB record with a 21 pitch at bat.


Red Sox in a 2 game slump haha

Toronto and Tampa coming up…2 big series in the AL East


Mac Williamson hit one of the most impressive HRs I have seen at AT&T Park last night. 464 ft on a cold, foggy night. Crushed it. Oh, and the Giants beat the Nats 4-2


Phillies not completely sucking this year, which is nice.


They aren’t a bad side


Braves have lost 2 games to the 4-18 Reds.

Yesterday with walks. Today came back from 5-0 and 7-3 to take it to extras, but gave up a second homer to skinny Scooter Gennett.

Acuña coming up tomorrow.


Ouch…The Reds are so Irrelevant


At least they got up 5-4 in the 9th today. Led 3-0 then trailed 4-3. Acuña scored the tying run on debut, Camargo got an important double and Albies hit a homer.

Acuña and Albies are the two youngest players in the majors, so with Camargo and Swanson, there’s some good young talent in theinfield. Freddie is only 28 and Ender Inciarte is 27. Just need some of the young pitchers to come through.

They’ve brought in Flaherty and Tucker this year, but they’re already back to the bench despite good starts to the year. Not sure what the intention is with Joey Bats, who’s down at Gwinnett after being offloaded by the Jays. I think they’re talking about him at 3B rather than RF. Gives them trade opportunities with Markakis later, I suppose.


Sanchez with the walk off 3 run homer to get over the Twins 4-3. On a 6 game streak currently


Good second game for Acuña going 3-4 with a no-doubt homer and a bloop double.

Newcomb was going well with a 4-1 lead but then gave up 2 walks on 8 pitches, followed by a Votto homer. Recovered late to win 7-4.


A lot of Buzz about Acuna…

Red Sox win series 5-4 today against Toronto…now back up against Tampa. Unbelievable how many games we have played Tampa already


Dallas Keuchel and Clayton Kershaw both 1-4 to start the season. Kershaw’s ERA still under 3.

Braves jumped out 3-0 in the first, Teheran gave it back with no outs in the bottom half with 2 walks on 9 pitches and a first pitch homer to Herrera. Phillies went on to win 7-3.

Shohei Ohtani hit a solo homer off Severino in Anaheim. 1-0 after 3 vs the Yankees.


Has anyone else been having trouble with the MBL streaming “service”?

This is the third year I have been subscribing; there have been no hardware or ISP changes during this time, but this is the very worst it has been.

Most times it takes 5 minutes after selecting the game just to get to the next screen (choosing recap/condensed/home/away).

Then half the time the next screen says “An error has occurred [and effectively:] fark off”

Choosing another game does the same thing - huge delay and another “error”.

If no-one else is complaining about this, can anyone suggest why this is happenning?


We won 4-3 thanks to a Didi homer in the 10th. He has been amazing so far this season


I can do it now direct onto the TV as well as via the Apple TV, but I’ve had no problems whatsoever.

Not sure if it’s just me, but there’s a Home option which can direct you first to your favourite team, rather than to all game whence you select.


Thanks - I will look at that but suspect will get the same outcome. (FWIW I also use AppleTV - the same one that was fine last year).


I haven’t had an issue with MLB.TV until today. It wouldn’t let me loggin…kept taking me to the subscription page…


Sucks to be you, although admittedly I haven’t logged in today. Braves game was in the 9th when i woke up.

I’ll check mine out.


I’m OK but I had to resubmit my login last week when I updated the app on the LG TV. No probs on the Apple TV.

Had to resubmit logins on SBS On Demand too. Wonder if it’s a flaw in the updating of apps on the LG.


Ossie Albies, who’s a skinny little weed and the second youngest player in the bigs, has finished April with the second highest tally of extra base hits in April, with 22. Record is 23 by Jermaine Dye who started in Atlanta before a long career with the White Sox.