Mlb 2018


LAD just seem to be a bat or two short.


Mookie Betts finally does something. Solo homer in the 6th.

3-1 Red Sox


J D Martinez follows suit in the 7th


Both starters still in.


Pearce puts one hand on the MVP award.

Another homer off Báez in the 8th makes it 5-1


Looks like that Bambino curse is well and truely gone.


I’d give it to Kershaw, he has been great for Boston.


3 outs to get with SALE coming in to finish it off!


One out.

One strike.

Machado strikes out.

Joy in Beantown!


The best team wins it. Unbelievable season from the RED SOX. Gonna enjoy this!


Steve Pearce MVP…what a legend…grows up a Red Sox fan from the area…family is all Red Sox…come in mid season…now MVP after two massive games…Solid




Grrrr, recorded the game to watch it tonight and the guy in the office next to me just walks in and says “How awesome that the Red Sox just won the World Series!”.

Thanks, goat-farker.


Yeah I wouldn’t have been able to watch it later…Already got asked if I like Baseball twice and told the Red Sox won …I have been wearing my Red Sox cap to work for the last 2 weeks…but these days everyone wears MLB hats so I guess its now fashion


■■■■ Boston.


So do I win a Yaco award?


They lost one game in each series.

So, Alan Scott…


The first part is enough to claim a Yaco


Nothing wrong with claiming credit for an accurate prediction - No chance for me to rebut your prediction, seeing I have limited knowledge about baseball.


Called it




Congrats @goldengoose What a great season. Enjoy!