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The Big Maple Leaf, James Paxton, throws a no-hitter for the Mariners vs the Blue Jays in Toronto.


Yankees continue their good form. 3-2 over Boston, Stanton with 2 homers from his two first AB’s


5th lead change of the day and the Yankees go 7-6 up


Make that 9-6 with a Judge blast


4 runs scored in D-Backs vs LA Dodgers.

Inside the park home run, wild pitch, sac fly and a hit batter.
Think the Dodgers have just gone 4-1 up with another wild pitch.


Against our gun Kimbrel…4 runs…came on to early…


And the giants get swept in 4 games against the Phillies. With 55 strikeouts! Ugh.


The Braves callers aren’t happy. They looked WS-bound in Atlanta and get beaten up in Philly.

Braves were 1-1 after 5 in Miami and scored 7 2-out runs…grand slam from Albies, 2-run shot from Freeman who went 5-5.

9-2 win.


Your team has the right mix of youth. Exciting times in that new stadium.


That wasn’t a blast. That was a line-drive bullet.


Yankees beat the A’s 7-6 in the 11th on a Neil Walker single after trailing 5-2. Sanchez, Judge and Hicks all homered as did Davis for the A’s.

Braves led 4-1 with Mike Soroka through 4 and two thirds when Bautista booted a bases loaded grounder, scoring one, then Dietrich cleared the bases with a double.

Bautista was surely heading for the dole queue but homered to lead off the 6th…no good to Soroka except getting him off the hook for a loss. Braves scored 2 bases-loaded walks in the 8th off patient at bats by Inciarte (13 pitches) and Flowers (8). Culberson with an RBI triple and Inciarte with a 2-run homer made it 10-5 at the end.

Cubs beat the ChiSox 8-4 with homers by Rizzo and Contreras, and Pirates beat the Giants 6-5.


Just watching Cubs at Braves.

Bottom of the 5th, men on 1st and 3rd with none out.
Wild pitch and runner called out at the plate.
Challenged and the TV review showed he was clearly safe. Not overturned.
Another wild pitch. Man on 2nd takes 3rd. Called out but was clearly safe.
No challenge available.
The callers are not happy.

Score still 1-1 but who knows what it should be.

As usual, skimping on camera angles makes video review useless.

Apparently the review official could not confirm Camargo touched the plate before the tag. The TV cameras did, so maybe the review official needs his eyes checked.


Robinson Canó out 80 games for performance enhancing drugs.


The video review system causes more problems than it solves. Before there was an excuse (human error) now there is no excuse and still mistakes get made. And the review umpire is never brought into question, he gets away. On the field you can say that it is hard because everything happens so fast, but what’s the excuse for the ■■■■■■■ in the review box?


Yanks back from 0-3 to tie at 3-3, now the rain has come


And clearly you’re not allowed to criticise the review system on the MLB app. In the Wrap of the game, neither call was criticised. There is video of both plays though. Sounds like the AFL.

I’ll have to listen to Snitker’s comments later but he was clearly furious at the time as were most of the people around him. As they said, there were 38,000 people there who knew the first call was wrong.

Acuña hit a homer in the 8th to give Atlanta a 2-1 lead but Vizcaino gave up 2 double and a go-ahead single to Zobrist.


With due apologies to all Red Sox fans :slight_smile:



Nationals Yankees washed out again after being suspended yesterday. Makes it awkward finding a make-up date, with it being interleague play.

Braves and Cubs went to the 8th at 1-1 again but a triple from Albies followed by an RBI single from Acuña and two bases-loaded walks after an IBB loaded them saw the Braves win 4-1.

Phillies, Cards, Jays, Indians and Pirates also win.

Astros leading the Tautologies 2-0 in the 8th after a2-run HR from Gattis.

The Los Angeles Angels means The The Angels Angels


June 18 for the Nats and Yankees.
Double header of sorts with the remainder of the opener to be played first