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Woke up this morning to see the Braves down 9-8 to the Marlins with 2 out, bases loaded, 2 strikes on Swanson who was 0-4. Flicked on MLB.TV but all I could see was Swanson beng mobbed after singling to left centre. Down 9-4 and then 9-5 with 2 outs, kept coming back although they made a bad error on Freeman who should have been the third out but the pitcher whiffed on the feed from 1B.

Bautista gawn now Swanson is back. No need for 3 reserve infielders particularly since Albies and Freeman rarely rest.

Yankees won easily with homers from lesser lights Austin (2), Romine and And√ļjar.

Dodgers sweep Nats in DC.


Betts and JD Martinez league leaders for Homers AL


They just showed a stat that that was the most runs (10) without an extra-base hit for (I think) 35 years. Stat shot by.


Juan Soto…first MLB player born in 1998, playing for the Nats, first start, first pitch, 3-run homer. Not his first AB, pinch hit yesterday.


Red Sox on a role again…playing Tampa a lot thou…still got to get through some tough series. Already 1/3 of the way there


These Astros are not playing around. Their starting pitching is putting up historic numbers.


Red Sox take game 1 against the Braves. Mookie Betts continues hit form.
Red Sox Dfa Hanley which sucks! Had to make a spot for Pedroia.


M’s have lost Cano to an 80 day PED Suspension, important bats keep getting injured (Segura, Gordon Cruz and Hainger were all out injured at the sametime last week), but we somehow keep winning.

At 33-20 only 1 behind the Astros, keep winning in extra innings and winning 1 run ball games.

Would have to be our best start to a season since our ridiculous 2001 season which was ultimately wasted.


Mookie out with Side Strain…Benintendi steps up…2 homers


Good comeback today, trailed 5-3 to the Astros bottom of the 9th before Gardner homered and tied it up. Torres then gets Andujar home in the 10th


Giants now lose Samardzija to injury. So that’s our top-3 starters missing. How the heck are we just 5 games out of 1st place?!!?


5 errors for the Yankees too.

Braves had the second home-run walk-off come-from-behind win out of 3 games (in a 4-game set at home against the hated Mets). First game was a Charlie Culberson 2-run shot, and coming from 6-2 down today, a 2-run triple from Inciarte and a homer to Johan Camargo.

NL East is very tight at the top. Nats keep coming despite their injuries, and trail Atlanta by half a game, as will the Phillies if they hold on to their 4-0 lead in LA.


Chucked a $10 on Bogaerts to homer today…$75 you ripper. Kids stepping up now!

Its so sad reading Red Sox fans on Facebook still crying about pitching and JBJ not hitting over .200. We are first ffs!!

Had to unfollow a red sox page…just absolute morons


Exactly the same as a lot of Man Utd, Lakers fans etc. Childish!


So there is around 40 games till All Star break

Red Sox on 39-17…best record ever is roughly 65 wins. That’s 26 wins from 40. Looking at the schedule if they continue they will get to 70 wins. Play Astros this weekend and Yankees at end of June as really only two big series. Getting a little ahead of myself haha…just having an exciting season!


Yanks 35-17 at the moment. Slow start, then went a rampage but have slowed past 10 days or so, lost our first series in a while last week to Royals, bounced back and beat Astros 2-1. Going to be a tight run this season


The rivalry is back


NL West is a struggle with the injuries to all teams. I think 85-88 wins might win the Division.


How about the AL Central. Up until about a week ago everyone was less than .500


Top 3 teams in NL East on 23 losses…Braves with 33, Nats with 32 and Phils with 31 in the win column.

Braves, with Sean Newcomb now 6-1, beat the Nats 4-2
Phils beat the Dodgers 2-1 on Kershaw’s return. He got the ND.