Mlb 2018


Kershaw back on the DL list and won’t pitch for atleast 10 days but possibly longer


They were saying maybe a month on StrikeZone.

Foltynewicz pitches a 2-hit complete game shutout against the Nats. Braves scored 4 in the 7th against Strasburg…3-run HR to Dansby Swanson. Second Nats hit came when they were down to their final strike.

Astros lead Red Sox 5-3 bottom 8. Cole against Sale.

Cubs beat Mets 7-4, Yanks beat O’s 4-1.


A’s 16-0 over KC.
Twice scored 7 runs in an innings




The KC mid-season firesale is going to be interesting…


And KC won today.

Cubs Mets and Braves Nats went well into extras, Cubs scored 6 in the14th and Nats 2.

Biggest interest firesale will be Manny Machado.


Second walkoff HR for Charlie Culberson in 4 games for the Braves to win the series against the Nats. Arrieta lost for the Phils too, so good result.

Cubs won 2-0 with a steal of home by Baéz.

Red Sox lead 3-1 over the Astros. Benintendi just homered.


Another postponed Yankees game. That’s 6 we have to make up now


Hopefully when you hit the skids.

Red Sox 2-2 v Astros. Not bad away from home


Mariners hit the lead in the AL West…first time since May 2003!


Finally got to a game yesterday as we swept the Phillies at home. Amazing considering our 3 starting pitchers in this series were Stratton, Suarez, and (Son of Pudge) Dereck Rodriguez! They combined to give up a grand total of 1 run in the 3 games. That 1 run came off of the bat of #MAGA lover Jake Arrieta yesterday just as I was lustily booing him. Shut me up till the bottom of the 6th when we took 5 runs off him including a 3 run HR by McCutchen.

NL West being fairly decimated by injury means that every in-division series is absolutely meaningful. We have Arizona here the next 3 nights. Hopefully we can take a couple.

Oh, and BUM is back tomorrow for his first game of the year!!!


Always had a soft spot for the M’s.


Yanks caught up 2 games from the 6 game backlog in the AL East and split the double header 7-4 then 2-4.


8k’s to Judge…hardly any in between for this kid…


Braves got smacked in San Diego. Teheran left with an injury after 4+ and Gohara gave up 6 runs in the inning. No heroics down 10-2 and lost 11-4.


Giants keep rolling, demolish the D’backs, are now 30-30 with Bum back tonight. Hopefully we get Samardzija back soon and Cueto if we get lucky in a month or so.

And @goldengoose sorry to rub it in but Panda has been epic the last week (since Belt went on the DL with his appendectomy). Thank you for paying his salary.


That fat ■■■■■■■ haha. So now we are paying for him and Hanley.


I am sure the way the Sox are playing makes up for it!


It sure does. Wright back in the rotation today…solid win 7 innings 2 hits


Has Hanley been picked up yet?

Braves up by 2 touchdowns in the 9th…Newcomb 3-hitter, Freddie 4-4 with a homer and 2 doubles, Markakis and Swanson 3-run HRs.

MadBum on the hook for an L in the 9th…down 2-1