MLB 2019


need a DH he may be the fit


Ugh @Alan_Noonan_10 your Braves are at my Giants and Acuña hit the 1st pitch of the game for a HR. Things can only get better from here on.

Oh and not to rub it in to the Red Sox (what do they care having won the WS and all) but the Panda is hitting over .300 so thanks for paying his salary :slight_smile:


I was walking home with the score 1-0 and Mike Soroka (aka King Joffrey) perfect through 5.

Then Austin Riley hit a 2-run homer, but Crawford broke up the perfecto with a homer.

Braves 3-1 with 2 outs bottom 6.

Yesterday, Brewers tied the Braves 3-3 in the 9th. Freeman had the chance to repeat the previous day’s heroics but struck out, and the Brewers won 4-3 with a homer in the top of the 10th.

And Acuña hits another solo shot, top of the 7th.


Braves win 4-1. Yeah!


Yankees came from 6-1 down and were still 7-6 down top of the 9th


Sanchez with a 3-run HR in the 9th to win the game 10-7


■■■■! Braves up 3-1 in the 9th, Giants score 3.


If it’s any comfort I took the ■■■■■■ dog for a walk middle of the 9th. Missed the whole damn comeback!


Game 3, top of the third…I turned the feed off when I saw Acuña had struck out with runners on the corners and 2 out. Braves leading 1-0 on a Fried fielder’s choice. Turned it back on and saw that Acuña had taken first on a wild pitch scoring the man on 3rd. Then Swanson homered driving in 3 and Freeman followed up with another.

Braves leading 6-0 top 3.


Samardzija leaves after 6, trailing 6-1 but with no earned runs.

He threw away an error, putting Riley on 1st, then a wild pitch scoring Riley and following with 2 homers scoring 4.

So Samardzija the fielder sucks, but as a pitcher doesn’t suffer - bar the wild pitch.

Austin just homered, making it 6-2 with 2 outs bottom 6.

Riley hits a line drive homer with 2 on and 2 outs in the 7th, makes it 9-2.


Another big day for Austin Riley…hit a 2-run homer in the 8th to tie the game 4-4, then drove in Dansby Swanson in the 13th, which Luke Jackson held onto for the win.

5 homers in his first 9 games. Doesn’t augur well for Ender Inciarte in returning from the injured list, nor does it augur well for Josh Donaldson to get another $23m contract next year. Riley will surely play 3B. Braves will surely keep Riley, Acuña and Markakis in the outfield this year.

In other games, Yanks beat the O’s 6-5, Red Sox beat the Jays 8-2, Phils beat the Cubs 9-7.

Getaway day, so early games, so teams can move on to the next destination for the weekend series.


Austin Riley is a machine.


You must be loving the age demographic of the Braves right now. If they can keep that group together they will be very dangerous.


Pearce had a big day for the Red Sox, good to see…Hasn’t been very good this season…Needed it


The infield of Freeman, Swanson, Albies and Riley could be together for a decade. Pache will go to CF next year. Trading Ender should get us a quality arm.

Bullpen is the big issue but has solidified recently with Newcomb. Gausman and Folty the current weaknesses.

And the catchers are both 34-35. Don’t know how good Alex Jackson is but there are plenty of very good backup catchers around. Look at the influence David Ross had at three clubs after Cincy.


Pitchers can be bought and sold depending on your needs, so that is easy to fix (if you have the coin). Having high-quality positional players that hit is pure gold. Having high-quality positional players that hit and are all under 25 is pure gold wrapped in bacon.


5-2 win in St Louis…2 homers to Dansby Swanson and one to Freddie Freeman. First win for Foltynewicz.

They seem to have stabilised the bullpen by bringing in Tomlin, Blevins and Swarzak, the latter by offloading Biddle and Vizcaino to the Mariners. And Newcomb in the bullpen too. Even the game lost in San Fran the other day, none of the 4 hits were with the aid of walks or hit all that hard. You just think…good hitting!


I think I joined the Braves bandwagon at the right time!!


So did I…in 1994. Just in time for the 14 straight division titles, but regrettably only one WS. I think they suffered a bit from having a weak division because they usually had the division wrapped up 10 days out, and in my book, it’s an advantage to fight and scrap to the last day. Everyone’s still on edge.


astros pressley scoreless innings streak ended at 40 a MLB record!