MLB 2019


Winkler gave up 4 runs in the 8th to blow the lead and the game. Had a double-play call overturned that ended up scoring, and Gyorko came in and cleared the bases.

Soroka got his ERA up to 1.07 in a no-decision…


Watching a really, really bad Giants team today


Yanks came from 7-1 down to tie it at 7 in the 9th, but lost 8-7 in the 10th.
6-1 this road stretch.

Didi should be back within 3 weeks, not sure on Judge and Stanton


Judge hoping to resume training this week


Good win today in St Louis. Down 3-0 in the 9th, scored 3 in the 9th and Freddie walked in the winning run in the 10th. 9 hits to 3, but 2 errors gave them runs.


Lost a close one 5-4 to the Nats yesterday and started disastrously today…down 14-0 after 5 and no-one reached base. 7th inning, first 3 singled and Riley emptied the bases with his first grand slam. 2-run homer yesterday too.


Was watching cubs v astros today and a young kid got hit by a foul ball and got taken to hospital. Unsure of her condition.

Player who hit the ball, Albert Almora, was extremely distressed. Was hard to watch


9.5 games up on Boston after today. Hopefully sweep them tomorrow. Very happy with how this cobbled together side is going and winning without the stars


Only 4 games on today as the MLB Draft is on.

Surprisingly (to me) 9 of the first 10 picks are position players.

Orioles picked up a catcher as pick 1 (Adley Rutschman from Oregon State).
Braves picked up a catcher as well…which I’d hoped for…their two catchers are among the oldest players on the roster.


I will be over the moon if we could pick up Keuchel


Braves lost the first to Detroit then won the next 2.

Went down 5-2 in the second in Pittsburgh today, then recovered with 3-run homers to Riley and Donaldson and a 2-run to Freeman. Freeman’s came after he’d hit one a mile just foul…landed in one of the three rivers - Allegheny, Monoghela or on the banks of the O-hi-o.

Fried was a bit fragile but ended with an ND.

RIley now up to 9 homers, fastest Brave ever to 9.


I hate to think what your insurance premiums are…or injury payments.


Cubs get Kimbrel


Gausman stinks it up again, giving up 5 2-out hits in the 2nd, leading to 5 runs.

Was 7-1 coming into the 9th, but Acuña and Swanson have homered.

Desperately need another starting pitcher…or two. Foltynewicz has stunk it up too. Both coming off injury-hit pre-seasons.


Going to Atlanta.

Foltynewicz stunk it up again in a 6-1 loss in Pittsburgh. The 2 ‘experienced’ pitchers, who are supposed to be the mainstays, have been the weakness.


Back to normal with Soroka going into the 9th scoreless. Homers from Freddie and Acuña make it 7-1.

Keuchel to Braves confirmed.


Giants hand Kershaw his first L of the season.


Braves a 1-0 win against the Marlins. Wow, we didn’t need 7 runs to win!


Yanks on the skids


Jeff Samardzija had a massive crack at the HP umpire after he called a ball on strike 3. Guy hit safely the next pitch and LA scored the tying run.

Pitchcast showed it was very close…just off the outside bottom corner, and I’ve seen a lot of pitches miss by a LOT more and called strikes.

They’re talking about automating all strikes and balls the next year or two. Lots of great pitchers like Maddux and Glavine will be happy they’re retired because their HOF careers were based on them painting the “corners”.