MLB 2019


Need 7 or more runs when Folty and Gausman are pitching. Wonder which one will go to the minors or the bullpen when Keuchel comes up.

The two young arms in Soroka and Fried are holding the staff together, with Teheran’s recent form being excellent, but young arms get tired as the season wears on.


The ump knew straight away he had messed up and let Samardzija carry on and on without ejecting him. It didn’t help that he called two similar pitches as strikes the next time the Giants were up.

Today was one of if not the last times Bum pitches at home. I am hopeful he doesn’t get traded before Sunday when, if my calculations are right, he will start at home next. Dare say he will get a full house or thereabouts. I will be there…


Big Papi shot and wounded in DR. Apparently bullet went in his back and out his stomach.


Just saw that on a news feed. Varying reports of how badly he was hurt


I don’t really agree that the ump messed up. It didn’t have to be called a strike. Much like some of the arguments on Anzac Day.

Bumgarner had a whinge about Muncy watching a homer he’d hit into the bay. Muncy replied along the lines of “if you don’t want to see me watching it, go fetch it out of the ocean”.

Braves came from 5-1 down in the 9th with a balked in run and a 3-run homer from Acuña. Took the lead again but ex-Brave Martín Prado doubled in a run, then Matt Joyce drove in an Albies triple to win it.

Cubs swept Cards,Yanks beat the Tribe and the Twins bat went mad again.


The video of the actual shooting makes it look like a hit job :scream:


WOW. I only watched “4 Days in October”, the ESPN 30 for 30 doco on the 2004 Red Sox comeback from 0-3 down to win the ALCS against the Yankees en route to the World Series, this morning. Hope he gets through it…


Anyone else unable to shake a mental image of Papi throwing a bat and cap on the floor, then charging at the shooter (like a HBP) and all their mates pile in?


They said he’s stable


SHomer day today.

13 so far in the Phils D-Backs game. Snakes opened the game with 3 in a row. First time for that many in MLB.

Braves hit 5 (Albies 2, Acuña (GS), Freeman, Markakis) against Pirates 2 (Marte 2).

Donaldson got hit by Musgrove early and both players ejected, then Pirates manager ejected. It really didn’t seem quite that serious, including the hit batter. But someone said something and the benches cleared. I’ve seen a lot worse.


Made his Major league debut yesterday…at his 2nd bat lasered one out through centre field for a home run…

correa springer altuve all not playing for a few weeks and we keep rolling along!


Austin Riley’s batting average back into the 280’s.

Nearly always happens as they learn where not to pitch him.


Unless you’re Jay Bruce. Then, clearly, you’re going to cream everything forever.


Braves and Phils both win today, staying level at the top of NL East.

Braves won 7-5 (game called after 8 due to heavy rain). 4 solo homers in the 2nd and a later 3-run shot by McCann. Commentators call it the most exciting two minutes in sport, two minutes being the time for McCann to round the bases - at full speed.

Folty left at 4-4 so gets a no-decision.

Yanks and Mets split a double header.

Boston lost at Fenway again, 9-5 to Texas which included a 2-run inside the park HR to Hunter Pence. Brock Holt thought the ball had gone into the crowd. It hadn’t.


Then backs up against the brewers to become the first ever rookie to homer in his first 2 games!

The guy has ridiculous power!


Bum pitching against the Brewers this Saturday. Will be my last chance to see him pitch for the Giants so will be heading over. Might be a quiet tear or two. Will take the DSLR and zoom lens to get some last fanboy shots.


Had to struggle for it today. Riley triple made it 3-0 in the first, but the Pirates keep on nipping away after they trailed 6-2 to take the lead 7-6 in the 9th. Riley homered to tie it, then Albies doubled in Riley in the 12th to win 8-7.

Soroka gave up 5 runs in 5 innings to send his ERA soaring towards 2.

BoSox lost again.


There’s a 1993 Baby Bombers feel about the Braves!


Starting pitching is the big worry.

Fried and Soroka may well tire. Foltynewicz and Gausman had no preseason and are struggling. Hopefully Newcomb can get back into the rotation and Keuchel will be up in a week. Teheran is in good form.

At least the terrible early season bullpen problems don’t seem to be a problem now. Getting in Tomlin, Swarzak and Blevins has helped.


This is a serious post - you guys should make a big play for Bum. He has been pitching really well and improving with every start. Imagine making the post-season and he is on the mound for Game 1. Game changer.