MLB 2024

astros remarkably back over 500 without there pitching staff
Verlander Garcia McCullers may return

Javier urqidy gone for Tommy John

Phillies get back some hitting and deal comfortably with the Dodgers. Still waiting for them to collapse. Possible back injury to Wheeler might be the start.

Cleveland Guardians take Aussie Travis Bazzana with the No. 1 overall pick


It’s a great result for him, he’s had big wraps for a while now. I looked through the list of the 38 Aussies that have played MLB and realised I have played with three of them (Josh Spence, Lewis Thorpe and Aaron Whitefield), and played against two more (Graeme Lloyd and Shane Lindsay).

And the son of one of those 38 just signed with Oakland.
17yo Max Durrington son of Trent just signed a seven figure contract with the A’s

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Home run derby is done and dusted, but all anyone will ever remember was how bad this was.


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