NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


The mighty Central Districts Lions.

Played until u/16s and then my mum said I couldn’t play any more because peeping Al Green was appointed coach.


I think it was Carlton. John Nicholls was from Maryborough but that was before zoning.

Collingwood was Western District - Hamilton, Macarthur, Casterton, Coleraine

And then the VFL stole Ararat and Stawell from us and gave them to Collingwood


Mills is definitely a Crows supporter.


I did not know that we had Ararat and Stawell. But I agree that Maryborough was probably carltank’s as I know that Bendigo was in their zone as I had a relative play for them and he was from the Bendigo area.

And to others I reckon I had seen that Paddy was a crows fan and maybe he was mates with one of the crows players from his days in Canberra but not sure which one it may have been.


We recruited Greg Perry and Bronco Grainger from Stawell and the late Doug Tassell (who was killed a car crash midseason in 1970) from Ararat.

Then they gave Ararat and Stawell to Collingwood and Perry’s younger brother went there.


Ben needs to take the open shot when it’s there.


Mills hair is ghastly.


Also heat choked hard in q3


Suns again!!!


2/2 without Bledsoe.


As I said - Brooklyn 3-0 at home this year, rolled the Cavs last night


The whole Lavar Ball is wearing thin really quickly, ESPN need to STFU about him and just let the season unfold


I really enjoy watching the Warriors lose. They were absolutely terrible in the second half.


Been very very ordinary.

Cavs terrible too.


Still be that pair in the finals.


Things getting tight for Philly again… Need to hold on in this one


I’m watching this one too, they are a fun team to watch


Feels like Essendon when they have a lead going late into the game. You know whats coming


Then up steps Simmons


FT’s a bit sketchy. Probably should let Bayless take the foul :smiley: