NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


I disagree. The bag of balls show is hilarious, im just waiting to see what his old man comes out with next.


People need to be talking about Simmons more. OH MY GAWD


I just watched the game highlights and he looked fantastic! Even bailed a few deeper jump shots too.

Looks like he has so much more game as well


It’s ridiculous, that’s the first full Sixers game I have watched this year.

Lonzo gets 8/8/5 and people lose their minds

Meanwhile Ben is having the best start to a career since Oscar ■■■■■■■ Roberson and it’s crickets, if that kid maintains the way he is playing this season he is a legit All Star


Maybe not so much in the media but you can really tell the commentators all appreciate him a lot when they are playing away.


and the away feed guys especially


Kristaps drops 38 on the Nugs, Knicks on a nice little streak. There are some super young bigs in the NBA, and I include Ben and Giannis in that even though they don’t play the 4 or 5. Absolutely insane what these guys are doing!


If Philly can keep him, they are going to be contenders real soon


Simmons is extraordinary


I don’t see why not, I play Xbox every now and then with Dante Exum and I asked him how Ben was going and he said he loves it there. Given than and that the rookie contract is 3 and a team option and they can offer max after 3 he’d be silly to leave.




I see Portland went 14mins without a field goal today…


Attempting and hitting those elbow jumpers was very promising. Will start opening up his drives even more if teams can’t sag off.


Only just found out there is a suburb of Philly called Essington. Too good to be true.


Hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel for my long suffering Knicks. Porzingis has really stepped up, that’s 30+ from 5 of our first 6 games which has never been achieved by a Knicks player before



Someone should tell @Alan_Noonan_10 that he is actually an Aussie


Getting rid of Melo has given KP more looks. He also works harder on defence as well. They just need to be patient and go through a few lotteries like Philly and get a good young core. Forget about signing pointless Free Agents.


Simmons and Embiid got some synergy going on there.


Did anyone honestly think that Simmons would be going this well this early in his career now that he is actually playing and not looking like he is injured?