NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


KD’s midrange jump shot is money right now. At 6’11” with a 7 foot plus wingspan he can get his shot over anybody…


Lol. Switching off. What a complete joke.


The most blatant cheating you’ll ever see. It’s amazing it’s only 7


How’s that tech on Lue. That is NBA based humour at its absolute finest.



Just cannon into him. Pay a tech against Lue. Nothing to see here

There is only 2 possible scenarios here

  1. It’s clear cheating

  2. The refs are not competent

Which one do you think it is?


That last shot he took is just classic JR

You’re pushing all quarter and taking great shots, gradually dragging it back. Then JR goes hero ball with 10 seconds on the shot clock and misses a ■■■■■■ 20 foot fadeaway. Fast break, score.


Little of both.

But if you ask Warriors fans, all above board and legit.

Actually I reckon part of it is the size difference between James And curry. If Lebron cannons Into curry like that it’s probably a foul and they review for a flagrant. Curry does it to Lebron, and Lebrons big enough he should just work through it.


First call was bad

Tech was fine

Don’t think it will change the result, the Cavs have been held back every time they’ve tried to catch up, they’re not really in this game


So in a game that goes for 48 minutes, the NBA rigged it so that JR Smith could have a brain fade with 4 seconds to go?

Fark…that’s either some superb rigging, or one of the worst conspiracy theories ever.

And just for the record, I’m not a Warriors fan.


I am full tin foil hat with golden state

They are fark Carlton


No they’re not…they win games (not to mention championships)

Fark Carlton only win spoons :grin:


But what’s the length of the game got to do with it though? Pretty coincidental timing to have a brain fade that sends the game into OT don’t ya think


It would be ridiculously annoying if it wasn’t so expected.


…If he didn’t have form



LeBron ain’t staying in this shithole.


No one questions anything. For example, that three curry just shot, love got called for the foul. Did he even touch him? Lol. Golden state are a 10000x better side than Cleveland and would probably win anyway, but the clear advantage GSW have with the refs is insane


The length of the game is important because the previous 47 minutes and 55 seconds had to happen to allow for that brain fade to have an impact.

Was it an NBA set up to spend all that time so as to allow for Smith to have that brain fade?

I don’t mean to be disrespectful but that is really stretching it.


I personally think they make up scenarios on the go. I’m not saying going to OT was the outcome at the start


But then if I was to borrow your tin hat for a moment…how come the foul count is so lop sided?

Is that because the NBA are trying desperately to keep Cleveland in it all?