NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Curry is a ■■■■ but geez he’s good


So they just have a play book of random set ups and then pick whichever one suits the moment?


I did say that before. I have no doubt they will call everything for Cleveland in the next 2 at home to try and get them to win at least 1

Today hasn’t been about what they have got right, it’s about what they haven’t called, missed and called for GS. It’s absolute clear cheating



Thought that was a tweet about me


Cavs were never sposed to be in it and refs were doing their part for most of the game to ensure that. The fact that they nearly stole it with four seconds left was the most surprising thing. They managed to scrap to a winning position despite the dud calls all game.

And then refs missed the lane violation on Hills second free throw. So even when they could have done the right thing, they didn’t.


See, I just don’t get it…the outcome that The NBA would be chasing (logically??) is a series that goes 6-7 games.

So why would they cheat/rig/show bias so that GSW win both homes games?

That doesn’t help their cause unless you believe that they’re then going to massively favour The Cavs back in Cleveland


They will definitely favour the cavs back at home. They did it against Boston


So then it’s not a conspiracy in favour of GSW…it’s just The NBA being corrupt


That’s just the home crowd effect

Very few people can keep secrets and I’ll guarantee that JR Smith isn’t one of them. That’s the problem with conspiracy theories -> they work on the assumption that a bunch of people can keep a secret for their whole lives


Curry was UNBELIEVABLE in that game. He had no right to make four of those threes, especially that dagger on Love.



Bit of both. The golden state get a run like no other team though

I’m not one for conspiracy theories normally. But there is just too much evidence to ignore in nba that the refs clearly are instructed


Oh well, game over and back to DJ Thread for me


People have been going on about this for 30 years.

There’s 100s of referees that have gone through the system in that time. You think there wouldn’t be a single whistleblower? Not a single ref who’s had a fall-out with management? Not a single ref who wouldn’t mind making a few bucks out of letting things slip? Let alone all the administrators.

Like the moon landing conspiracy, it’s just not possible. Humans are too damn human


Stop talking sense


There has been a whistleblower for the NBA though.


Yeah, and he blew the whistle on what we already knew, which is that stars are treated differently. Only have to watch LeBron take 7 steps once or twice to realize that.

That Draymond foul today was a classic. Clear travel, fairly clean block, foul.


Charles Barkley likes this.


Why would the NBA have a gsw bias. Wouldnt it be better commercially for Lebron to be successful?


Jesus what a giggle that was reading back