NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


What part was your favourite?


Wow some interesting comments on hear. I’m still laughing at this so called conspiracy theory. Seemed like GSW just outplayed em today. Quite easily to. Right from the first minute to. Lead all game. Refs definitely meant all that to happen hey. Cavs just not good enough today. That’s what really happened


I’ve changed my mind. Lebrons outfit the other day is phenomenal, Goat worthy. Shorts suit and a man bag.



Not sure I can pick just one fav


Roll up to the office in that attire.


I’m amazed that the refs crawl into Steph’s head and force him to those 3s



Curry 1 from 8
Klay 1 from 6


Cavs not losing this one.


Where are the rigged calls this game?


You didn’t see the tech fouls against Green and KT in the first or the palming call.
Home court refereeing is as blatant in the NBA as it is at Optus Stadium!


13 free throws to zero at half time, to the away team. Wonder if that’s ever happened before.

(that could be legit cos I’m not watching the game, can’t be bothered after game 2).


KD is a straight assassin



Meanwhile in Phily




Steph Curry 1/14 from the field. Turnaround from Game 2. Durant is carrying Golden State tonight.


It’s done.


What a bomb from KD
Better get the brooms out


and that’s why you get KD.


Wow! That 3 to sink em! :open_mouth: