NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Wobs conspiracy of the week

Do GSW now throw game 4 to win it in front of their home town?

Discuss. Fk the cavs are cr*p



All I’ll say is that I hope the proposal of scrapping the separate East/West Conference play-offs get through. Look the Warriors would probably still win regardless, but it would save us from a series like this. The East has been weak for years. If you scrapped the Conferences come play-offs we’d have probably gotten a better match-up in the Finals…


For sure, the east fkn sucks


East will be a no-contest next year. Celtics in a canter.*

*if healthy.


It all goes in cycles. The East have won 4 of last 10 so not exactly one way traffic


Is lebron really gonna go to the lakers?


Rockets are the favourites to pick him up.


He loves the easy way of success so no way he goes there. He will go to a contender


Wish Chris Pauls hamstring worked so we didn’t have to endure this filth end to another season.


He will go to LAL if Paul George goes. LBJ, PG13, Kuzma, Lonzo is a pretty decent start. Probably still not enough to dethrone Golden State. Philly has to be up there. LeBron with Ben and Joel would be something!


I think Lebron will end up at San Antonio.
He and Kwahi would be an awesome duo and Lebron will finally be coached by a legendary coach.


I reckon he’ll sook it up and do a ‘if you can’t beat em, join em’ like Durant.


Not to mention a really good GM


Are you picking him to go to Golden State?
I doubt that could even happen.

I don’t blame him for leaving Cleveland.
He’s done enough for them to deserve to go to a team that he can help win a championship.

The easy way out would be to join Boston or Philadelphia and stay on the east coast or go to Houston in the west.

San Antonio is my own personal pipe dream. He’ll fit into that team well and it will still be a challenge to get past Houston and Golden State.

If he ends up at the Lakers, he’s pretty much going there for the money and after basketball opportunities.

I think he’s a better chance staying with Cleveland than going to the Lakers.

Everyone else would love him, but couldn’t do much unless they trade away cap space.


Durant could decide to move on too. He’s already said he’s declining his player option. If they win again he might look for other challenges.
Maybe go team up with Bron at LA :smiley:


I don’t see how he fits in Philly with Simmons already being the ball dominant player or Houston with Harden for the same reason. Would he stagnate Simmons development?

Imagine he went to Boston :grin:


Durant would be the perfect fit for Philly. Imagine KD, Ben and Joel!


I imagine that embiid would be really excited to be told that he needs to get out of the low post so that James can drive


Durant has stated quite openly that he will be staying with the Warriors but chasing the full max contract this year.