NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Yeh Durant is all about the easy way out, he’s not looking for challenges.


Blummers is right, Spurs are by far and away the best fit, and Bron, Kawhi, and LMA is nasty.

They’d have to move Danny Green and Pau, but that’s doable.


Asking for a basketball friend

But did Chris Paul play in game 3 - when they got mauled by 41 points?


I have a different take on Lebrons Cavs. MK I of Lebron and the Cavs, I agree horrible organisation

But this time, that roster has his finger prints all over it. I guess that’s the risk you run when one player tries to manage everything

He is a bit of a victim of his own success. If he moves on, it needs to be a strong organisation that reminds him that he is a player only.




Or…he’s interested in staying with a team that can create some significant history whilst at the same time earning top dollar.

But sure…he should move on and then you could bag him for doing that.


Which is 100% the San Antonio Spurs.

Pop is one of the few people in the nba that has Lebrons total respect.

Plus he ain’t playing 48 minutes a night under Pop.

Plus he also knows RC. Buford will go out and sign 4 guys from Europe no one has ever heard of who will form the bench that goes crazy


Colangelo gone.


Resigns, yeah right.


I was starting to worry they’d find a reason to keep him.


You reckon LeBron would get the best out of Aldridge? He’d be starved of opportunities, would turn into Kevin Love overnight


I’m sure Aldridge wouldn’t mind the championship ring.
Just ask Bosh (and Love).


He’d go it to get a ring, then once that itch has been scratched he’d probably look to leave so he can get his shots and make his stats look better. At Houston would it work? Harden, Paul and LBJ are all ball dominant players. We saw in OKC this year how having Westbrook, George and Melo didn’t really work well. According to Chris Broussard LeBron said he is open to playing off the ball and being more of a pure Small Forward rather than being the primary ball handler and the de facto PG as he is right now.

Sounds like Durant will stay at Golden State. I’d have been very keen to see him at the Sixers…


Certainly was given the option, walk or be fired.


How long is it feasible that lebron keeps playing for?


Does he look like he’s slowing down?
Arguably his best season yet.
You’d think a minimum of 3 years and probably up to 5?


Another 4-5 easily. He’s 32-33, he’s probably the best prepared athlete in the world, takes great care of himself, works very hard in the off-season to stay in shape. This is his 15th season and I’ve seen no diminishing of his athleticism whatsoever.


Read after last season he spends between $1.5-2Million on his body each year in dietary programs, personal trainers, fitness advisers, well being massages, doctors and whatever else cos he wants to be absolute peak for as long as possible.

If I had that much money I’d spend it on burgers.


plus he’s more than competent working the post, so if his speed/athleticism diminishes he’ll be super effective as a block threat.